Sparkling new SonyLIV set to hot up OTT war from June

It’s a remarkably refreshed, spanking new SonyLiv with a new brand identity that’s been revealed, going by the 3-minutes-plus preview that’s been released. Both, the packaging and the upcoming content lineup reaffirm what most OTT players have been batting with — slick, gripping original content. The SonyLIV screener reveals original shows ranging from real-life incidents to book adaptations to some thrilling fictional narratives.

SonyLIV 2.0 will have a phased rollout across 3 weeks, with its new original content catalogue launching in June 20 as part of a new LIV Premium subscription pack. It’s already two months too late, and will take another 3 weeks to roll out, but considering the huge cross-promotional support the network has as one of India’s Top 4 broadcast conglomerates, SonyLIV should catch up pretty quickly. And that packaging was worth the wait.

SonyLIV’s already tying up with some excellent production houses – we reported the tieup with Applause Entertainment for 4 series today.

Aman Srivastava, Head of Marketing – Digital Business (SPN), said, “We are thrilled to unveil SonyLIV 2.0 with a refreshed & enhanced user experience and a new brand identity to our audiences. This precedes the launch of our premium subscription package in June’20. SonyLIV2.0 is designed to create world class entertainment experience and will be home to some distinctly unique Indian stories for a global audience.”

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