Sleep enough to shine, says Godrej Interio mattresses campaign on World Sleep Day



Did you know that more than  84% of kids in India are sleep-deprived? Kids who sleep for over 10 hours grow well and do well.  That is the warning-advice driving what has to be the simplest of video campaigns one’s watched in recent times, and one which is equally effective.

This is the latest DVC from Godrej Interio Mattresses, a respected brand in healthcare mattresses, which has launched it today, World Sleep Day,  under the aegis of its health awareness initiative, sleep@10. The new commercial  released by the mattress brand has revealed that more than  84% of children and teenagers in India are sleep-deprived. This, from a study based on insights sourced from the sleep-o-meter on, a platform that was introduced by Godrej Interio mattresses in 2016. Till date more than 3.5 lac Indians have taken the sleep test.

The video that has been released marking World Sleep Day is focused towards parents owing to the rising threat of sleep deprivation among children as recorded by the sleep-o-meter.

The video begins with two mothers complaining about the amount of stress that children go through these days owing to exams and their inability to understand certain subjects. However, the neighbour does compliment her friend on having a child who’s an all-rounder. The mother beams with pride and asks the child to show aunty how he manages to ace everything. The child surprisingly quickly jumps into his bed and ‘goes to sleep’! The mother states that he is successful thanks to the 10 hours of sleep he gets every day!

The DVC ends with statistics on rising sleep deprivation among children in India and the long term effects it can have on our future generation.

Godrej’s investment into the platform, and its efforts to give lakhs of Indians the sleep test, and bringing out important insights on sleep deprivation amongst kids and teenagers from its data, demonstrates a responsible corporate focus that is equal on both – its mattress  business, and the health and wellbeing of its target audiences, school-going children and their young parents,  both of who are coping with the stressful exam fever that is on.

Godrej has used a Digital Video Campaign because it likely believes these TGs can be reached without using TV, which is a valid point,  so the DVC, conceptualized by Creativeland Asia, has been released only on Digital platforms.

In addition to its simplicity and brevity, what is good about the campaign is that it demonstrates an emotional connection with its audiences, and demonstrates good corporate behavior. Which, today, along with good product quality, is the most important trait that helps millennial TGs and the younger generation firm their buy decisions. Because remember, these audiences today are far more values- and responsibility-driven.

Commenting on the Sleep@10 sleep-o-meter findings, Anil Mathur, COO, Godrej Interio, said “Sleep@10 is a concept that actually emerged from the product development stage of our healthcare range. As we delved deeper, we realised the concern was much larger than just selecting the right mattress. Over 91% of Indians are sleep deprived. Further insights gathered from our sleep-o-meter taken by over 3 lac Indians, we were informed that our children too are sleep deprived. This demands for a more serious discussion as it threatens the future of our nation.”

Commenting on the TVC, Anu Joseph, Chief Creative Officer, Creativeland Asia, says, “Parents often are clueless about how big a role proper sleep for 10 hours plays in the development of a child. The idea was to get them to take pride in their kids’ sleeping habits, as much as in any other achievement. The film was honestly the simplest expression of the idea.”

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