NBA Board demands details of inquiry report on alleged TV9 tampering

image-NBA- on MediabriefThe News Broadcasters Association (NBA) has shared another press statement related to its earlier letter to BARC India that contained several apparently unfounded allegations on ‘tampering’ by TV9.

In this statement, the association states, and we quote:

In a letter to Chairman, BARC, President NBA has drawn his attention to several news reports about videos of a sting operation, as a purported proof of tampering of panel homes by TV9 Bharatvarsh and response by BARC that it carried out a detailed investigation into the compromised homes and the manipulation of data.

President NBA has stated in his letter that NBA is rather surprised to note from the news reports that BARC has so quickly investigated into the sting operation and also passed a judgement that those who appeared in those videos were “paid to say what they did” and the videos are “fake”. (statement continued below)

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(NBA Statement continued) NBA desires to know who conducted the investigation? Since the allegations were against BARC, NBA presumes that the investigation was conducted by a third party. NBA would like BARC to share this investigation report with NBA to help understand how the investigations were concluded so quickly that there was no tampering of data and the videos are fake.
This is crucial in light of the fact that allegations are about an organization which, by BARC’s own admission, has a dubious past. It has a history of indulging in such malpractices and for which the ratings of TV9 Telugu were suspended. Was this record made available to the investigators? President, NBA has sought an urgent response with the details of the investigation report.  (end of NBA press statement)

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