Nandita Das unveils the teaser of GRF’s Maadathy- an unfairy tale

image-GRF’s Maadathy- an unfairy tale MediabriefThe critically acclaimed actress and director, Nandita Das took to Twitter to unveil the teaser of Maadathy – an unfairy tale. The Tamil independent feature film is co-produced by Karuvachy Films and Golden Ratio Films (GRF), a Film Production and Distribution arm of the renowned Singapore-based Media Investment entity Vistas Media Capital (VMC). The film’s poster was launched a month back during its world premiere at the Busan International Film.

madathy official 1

Unveiling the film’s teaser on her Twitter handle, Nandita Das tweeted, “MadaathyTheFilm is a gripping tale of struggle and caste oppression, directed by @LeenaManimekali. The film premiered at @busanfilmfest, and it’s my pleasure to now unveil its teaser!” The film is a tale about a young girl who grew up in an oppressed caste, the “unseeable” and how she refused to be defined by her birth identity and came to be immortalized as their local deity, Maadathy. The film reflects on caste, gender, violence, faith that are embedded in the culture and adapts a style that makes it a contemporary fairy tale. Directed by filmmaker Leena Manimekalai, this feature film is a mix of drama and mystery. 

Giving some insight into the film, the director Leena Manimekalai said,The fact that you don’t read about the Nobodies in history textbooks and are only remembered as legends and folklore landed me in making a fiction feature about their denied lives and dreams. I want Maadathy to haunt generations and keep knocking their conscience”

Co-Producer Piiyush Singh said, There couldn’t have been an artist more suitable than Nandita Das to unveil the teaser of Maadathy. She’s someone who has always stood for equality and the depiction of female protagonists in films. We are elated that an endowed personality like hers is associated with this project of ours, depicting the struggles of an oppressed community. We are looking forward that the message that Maadathy sends out resounds in the most remote corners of the nation.”

Set in the wilderness, the film’s teaser is backed by a beautiful background score, resonating the emotions felt by the strong visuals of the film. Maadathy- An Unfairy Tale is co-produced by Golden Ratio Films and Karuvachy Films and had its India premiere at the Kolkata International Film Festival.

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