EXCLUSIVE: Customer Engagement Playbook by MoEngage – The app adoption trend during this crisis

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The year 2020 witnessed the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on global economies which inevitably affecting the mobile app economy with a dramatic impact on session duration, installs, and active users.

While some industries like last-mile delivery, online grocery, video conferencing and OTT platforms observed unprecedented growth during the crisis, others weren’t so lucky.

The worst affected industries include travel & hospitality, mobility, and real-estate. Some of these industries have noticed surprising changes in customer behavior and attitude.

We look at insights

Microloan providers Indiabulls Yaari has noticed an increase in women applicants since the start of the pandemic with women of the household applying for loans compared to the pre-crisis condition when the applicant base was predominantly male.

The change can be attributed to the need for equal distribution of loaned assets given the economic uncertainty,  with the men of the household applying for loans elsewhere.

Six months into the global crisis, when governments around the world are relaxing lockdown restrictions and businesses reopening, it is very important to focus on customer engagement and retention strategies while streamlining marketing spends.

During such a crisis, businesses have started helping out their end-users:

e-commerce brands are offering express delivery for urgent cases and offering safety equipment at discounted prices.

Food delivery brands are educating users about safety precautions taken while preparing meals while ensuring regular hygiene and temperature checks of cooking staff and delivery executives

image-1-moengage-app playbook-Phone-Pe-MediaBriefOnline pharmacy brands are making COVID-19 tests readily available and providing educational information on coronavirus to curb the spread of misinformation.

E-wallet and payment app PhonePe, for instance, noticed a spike in activity volume and order value for essentials such as online bill payment, grocery and medicine delivery, which was hardly surprising, but the app went right ahead and reoriented the home page to focus on essential services, viz. recharge, DTH and grocery, and pushed rewards and offers to make the platform more relevant to users.

One of India’s popular self-driven car rental brands, Zoomcar, ensured  that patrons of the brand remain safeguarded from risks by sanitizing keys, steering wheel, gears, and door handles. The brand has also introduced a keyless entry feature to minimize physical contact.

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Zoomcar taking measures for safety of their users

In order to help businesses figure out what strategies they should follow to bounce-back, sustain, or accelerate growth, customer engagement platform MoEngage in association with ASO platform AppFollow, has launched a customer engagement playbook.

The playbook lays out a customer engagement framework based on the brand’s growth trajectory. The consolidated e-book contains insights distilled from marketing leaders across 50+ global brands with Indian top players PhonePe, ixigo, Shemaroo, Zoomcar, Cure.Fit, Indiabulls Yaari, contributing.

This playbook will essentially help businesses:

  • Understand how the crisis affects consumer buying behavior
  • Identify how the shift in user behavior and attitude impacted the growth trajectory
  • Analyze how they’re affected by taking an extensive assessment test
  • Leverage ready-to-implement engagement frameworks to drive maximum growth
  • Emulate strategies that have worked for leading Indian and global brands

Here are a few of the insights covered by marketing leaders across India’s top brands spanning several verticals:

image-3-expert insights-MoEngage-AppFollow MediaBrief
Insights from India’s leading cryptocurrency brand CoinDCX and micro-lenders CASHe regarding strategies being implemented and the results they’re bringing in
image-4-expert insights-MoEngage-AppFollow MediaBrief
Insights and expectations from Indiabulls Yaari and travel e-commerce platform ixigo
image-5-expert insights-MoEngage-AppFollow MediaBrief
Insights from CureFit, India’s leading Fitness & Workout App

The e-book also includes a Path Assessment Checklist which consists of few key questions regarding app engagement trends, LTV parameters, and acquisition costs, which once answered will lead the brands towards one of the following three Engagement Frameworks:

  • Growth Sustaining (for verticals observing unprecedented growth during crisis, viz. Entertainment)
  • Bounce-back (for verticals observing unexpected growth viz. Travel & Hospitality)
  • Growth Accelerating (for verticals with neither surge in growth nor heavy decline viz. BFSI)

Here is an overview of the engagement framework:

image-6-Engagement Frameworks to grow - MoEngage-AppFollow MediaBrief

Additionally, the playbook also contains detailed how-to sections on engagement, analytics, and optimization. To help you better implement these strategies- tool suggestions have also been included.

Download Customer Engagement Strategies During Crisis from MoEngage and AppFollow,  here

the Note: Go behind the story and discover how one of the fastest-growing industries i.e. online gaming has been growing steadily even during the crisis. Listen to Alok Kumar, Head of User Experience at Moonfrog Labs as he discusses the impact of COVID-19 crisis on user behavior, acquisition and ad-monetization, and what the future holds for gaming.



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