MEDIABRIEF-Team REWIND Musical Break | Kishore Kumar’s inspirational song from Door Ka Raahi

This is a new, hopefully daily, feature we begin today.

We love songs, music, the singers, lyricists, the actors the songs were filmed on, the music directors… ok, so we won’t list the entire cast and crew of a movie. But what we were getting to is that with so many people involved in creating a song and then wrapping the film around it, there are bound to be interesting nuggets of information. So the idea is to bring you not just a handpicked song from the films, but to also share with you some very interesting information and information about the song, and even get you to listen to the song.

That’s it. Great music. With the info nuggets brought to us from the Insightful, knowledgeable Team Rewind, which has become pretty popular on Radio Nasha (trust Gaurav Sharma to push for the best and most interesting content on both his brands – Fever and Nasha) and from recently, on AIR Rainbow too.

So here’s today’s song: MediaBrief and Team Rewind bring you a recording from Rewind’s radio conversation on the haunting and inspirational Kishore Kumar song, ‘Jeevan se na haar o jeenewale’, from his own film ‘Door Ka Rahi’, released in 1971.

The introspective film is the story of a man dedicating his life to serve the oppressed and the impoverished. It was produced and directed by Kishore Kumar with story, screenplay and music also by him. Interestingly, the motivational lyrics were written by Irshad, Kishore Kumar’s assistant.

‘Nuff said. Listen to the interesting, engrossing conversation. Plus the song.


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