Max Fashion makes societal judgement their enemy in the second edition of ‘Behen Kuch Bhi Pehen’

image-Max Fashion makes societal judgement their enemy in the second edition of ‘Behen Kuch Bhi Pehen’ MediabriefMax Fashion, a leading family fashion brand from the Landmark Group aimed to empower women last year with their powerful campaign ‘Behen Kuch Bhi Pehen’ This year, on International Women’s Day, the brand is yet again ready to question stereotypes and start the conversation around fashion and freedom with ‘Behen Kuch Bhi Pehen: Kya Pehna Hai!’

Last year, Max Fashion urged women to let go of their self-doubt and be themselves. This year the brand is all ready to question the assumed role of moral police that society loves embracing when it comes to women’s fashion choices. This Women’s Day, Max Fashion released another version of their earlier campaign and their nemesis is the question mark. 

Talking of the cultural context, whenever women make stand-out fashion choices they are objected to various questions, the most famous being, “Kya pehna hai?” Max wanted to change this judgment-fueled interrogation into a more positive space of compliments. This was achieved by a simple play on the punctuation, replacing the question mark with an exclamation mark: ‘Kya Pehna hai!’. The objective was to encourage the audience to set the question mark straight and let women wear what they want.

Max’s brand mission is to democratize fashion. Women being the brand’s core TG contribute more than 60% to the business, hence the focus on strategic brand communication and establishing Max as a brand with a point of view. 

The music video has come alive with the powerful voice of Neha Bhasin. The campaign features the likes of Sherry Shroff, Vidya Malwade, and Nilu Thapa – women with strong voices on the internet. The campaign has been conceptualized by Dentsu Webchutney, Bangalore. 

Jiten Mahendra, Vice President- Marketing at Max Fashion says, “The campaign aims to create a positive environment, where women can explore fashion in their own way. We have made an attempt to replace the judgment and hate with appreciation and encouragement. The campaign puts the long-running fashion diplomacy to rest by encouraging women to reclaim their power of choice.”

PG Aditya, Executive Creative Director says, “Dentsu Webchutney has always believed that brands can start conversations to change the larger social narrative. Max has always been a fashion brand that provides its customers with various choices and empowers them to make them too. With this extension of ‘Behen Kuch Bhi Pehen’, Max has put society’s attitude under the scanner and raised some pressing questions.”

The campaign is running heavily on Digital, print, radio and outdoors. 


Creative Agency: Dentsu Webchutney

CEO: Gautam Reghunath

ECD: PG Aditya

SVP: Client Services: Prashant Gopalakrishnan

Production House: Creaner Productions

Director: Himanshu Tiwari

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