RAM & TAM Adex reveals high growth on Radio in engagement with male listeners, advertising to men


After having seen a tremendous increase in listenership among women which resulted in growth in advertising and establishing Radio as the firm favourite medium for reaching out to women, the latest RAM & TAM Adex data has further cemented the findings  of earlier researches during COVID-19 in India.

RAM & TAM Adex data for 29 Dec 2019 to 21 March 2020 VS 22 March 20 to 9 May 2020 for 4 metros (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta and Bengaluru) has not only shown a tremendous increase in Women Listenership and Women-related brand advertising, it has also shown a high growth in Men engagement and Men-oriented advertising. It may be recalled that research by AZ Research PPL in April 2020 for the top 6 metros had indicated that 82 percent of population (22 percent increase) had tuned in to FM Radio post covid-19 with a significant increase in listening time (a 23 percent increase) .

The research also positioned FM Radio as the most credible media amongst Print, TV and Radio. The RAM & TAM Adex data reinforces the above, and while showing a high growth rate for Women, its findings show that the increase is very significant amongst Men too

The following are the significant increase in Male listenership and engagement as per post-Covid-19 RAM research release:

• 82 percent growth in TSL, Mumbai .
• 53 percent in TSL, Bengaluru
• 26 percent growth in reach, New Delhi.
• 22 percent in reach, Kolkatta.

The TAM Adex data ( 29 Dec 19 to 21 March 20 VS 22 March 20 to 9 May 20 ) also reflects
consequent high growth in Advertising targeted to Men.

The significant increases have been in:

  • Loan Professional / Personal – 5868 percent.
  • Restaurants/ Lodges – 1108 percent.
  • Adhesives – 173 percent.
  • Professional Services / Financial Services – 100 percent.
  • Retail Auto / Automotive Fuel – 100 percent.
  • Chit Fund /Benefit Fund – 100 percent.

image anurradha prasad president aroi mediabriefAnurradha Prasad , President of Association of Radio Operators, India, said, “I am very pleased to see continuing trends in increase in listenership , engagement and advertising in FM Radio post covid -19. It is heartening to see that along with Women, Men also have been increasingly tuning to Radio for infotainment needs. The increase in Advertising oriented to Men is continuation of recovery to a high growth scenario for FM Radio.”

image-Abraham Thomas_CEO, Reliance Broadcast Network Limited-mediabriefAbraham Thomas, CEO, Big FM, said, “Radio has been a constant companion for our male listeners while at home through this lockdown, leading to a commendable 20% plus increase in listnership amongst Men. Most Heartening to see that it has resulted into a direct increase in advertising targeted towards men across various categories. Radio can help revive the economy, let’s advertise!”


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