New Mahindra Group campaign seeks to spark innovation with curiosity


The #NurtureYourCuriosity campaign, centered around
innovation, also enables
individuals to ascertain their ‘curiosity levels’ through a short and simple test syndicated from the prestigious Harvard Business Review

The Mahindra Group, respected for its thought-provoking and award-winning campaigns, has launched its latest, targeting millennials, this time. Called #NurtureYourCuriosity, the campaign aims to inspire the youth to be curious and innovate; at the same time, it also showcases the Group’s innovation focus. Activated through a film which is supported by a social media campaign, including the ‘Curiosity Test’ curated by Harvard Business Review, the campaign and its microsite are live for a period of six weeks.

The insight

Research shows that, the influence of ‘curiosity’ enables breakthrough discoveries and remarkable innovations. In fact, the Mahindra Group’s own research shows that brand admiration and differentiation are primarily driven by innovation, there are ample and successful cases of innovation within the Group. It is at the heart of everything the Group does, consistently nurturing and enabling innovation with the aim of creating futuristic products and services that solve business and industry challenges. And this is the insight that forms the genesis of the latest Mahindra campaign #NurtureYourCuriosity, that is going live today. Targeted at millennials, the campaign

image-vivek-nayer-1-mediabriefDOTcom-mahindra-nanhi-kali-campaign-film-1Vivek Nayer, Chief Marketing Officer, Group Corporate Brand, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., said “Solutions to the world’s problems can only emerge when one asks the right questions. Only the curious ask these questions and challenge the status quo. To make the world a better place, we must nurture this curiosity and seek meaningful innovations.

“Our aim with this campaign is to encourage individuals to nurture their curiosity while showcasing how this is leading to innovations and the leveraging of new-age technologies at Mahindra. This is yet another way by which we are enabling and encouraging people to Rise.”

The #NurtureYourCuriosity  film

Bring alive ‘Curiosity’ in a simple and credible manner – that was the simply put but not so easy creative brief to the agency. Here’s what they came up with:

Campaign amplification

Nayer said the #NurtureYourCuriosity campaign “will be strategically amplified on digital and social media platforms with content showcasing examples of innovation taking place within the Mahindra Group. The film will be promoted across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. A content syndication with the Harvard Business Review will urge individuals to take the ‘Curiosity Test’ and understand their curiosity levels across five dimensions.”

image-Akila Balasubramaniyan - Director HBR Group-Mahindra-Nurture-Your-Curiosity-Campaign-MediaBriefAkila Balasubramaniyan, Director HBR Group, said, “Curiosity comes with questions and challenges status quo; the answer is sure to originate innovation of some form. Mahindra Group’s campaign #NutureYourCuriosity, aims to empower individuals to innovate and we are thrilled to support them in this journey. Through collaborative opportunities like these, we hope our content aides today’s millennials in understanding their innovation capabilities while also engaging in a meaningful dialogue with futuristic brands.”

The Curiosity Test (as found in Harvard Business Review’s article ‘The Five Dimensions of Curiosity’, by Todd B Kashdan, David J. Disabora, Fallon R Goodman, and Carl Naughton), is available here.

Some of the key dimensions as per the Curiosity Test are:

  • Deprivation sensitivity — recognizing a gap in knowledge the filling of which offers relief. This is what we call FOMO.
  • Joyous exploration — being consumed with wonder about the fascinating features of the world.
  • Social curiosity — talking, listening, and observing others to learn what they are thinking and doing.
  • Stress tolerance — a willingness to accept and even harness the anxiety associated with novelty.
  • Thrill seeking — being willing to take physical, social, and financial risks to acquire varied, complex, and intense experiences.

A history of emotional investment

The youth, even their elders today, are increasingly more conscious of behavior, and reach out to genuine brands. Genuine, for them, are brands that care for and are emotionally invested in the societies and people that let and help them thrive in the first place. The Mahindra Group has always remained genuinely invested in India, and one of their first and most memorable —  even heartwarming, if you will – initiatives has been Nanhi Kali, the NGO created to educate and empower the girl child in India.

For Nanhi Kali, they created what to our minds is surely amongst the top 3 campaigns of 2018 across genres and sectors and causes in India – the memorable Ladki Haath Se Nikal Jayegi, which highlighted the need to let young girls chart their own course . Another memorable campaign from the Mahindra Group has been Celebrate Differently, which urges citizens to gift a tree to a cherished person. And remember, the Group has already planted more than 15 million trees under Project Hariyali. Both initiatives are testimony to the ethos of a genuinely caring brand.

And now, the Mahindra Group is living its desire to spark innovation in India (which experts have acknowledged is set to become the centre of innovation globally in around 4 years – Editor) with in the launch of its new #NurtureYourCuriosity campaign, which seeks to engage with and spark conversations amongst a primarily millennial audience group.

Through this campaign, Mahindra is also leveraging its own learnings and insights on the linkage between encouraging curiosity and winning innovations, to connect with more than 240,000 employees and taking its innovation-leadership message to external stakeholders in India and worldwide.

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