Listen to Meenakshi Menon’s tribute to Kiran Khalap 'chlorophyll's all about doing what's right for the client'

The First Lady of Media Buying in India, Meenakshi Madhavani-Menon, paid a glowing tribute to another legend of the industry, Kiran Khalap, co-founder and MD of chlorophyll, India’s first end-to-end Brand consultancy.


‘That is what chlorophyll’s all about: doing what’s right for the client, and not worrying about what’s right for your business,’ Menon said

Menon spoke on the occasion of chlorophyll completing 19 glorious years. I was there, and loved not only what she said but the spontaneity and grace with which she delivered her heart-felt message, one hand on Kiran’s shoulder. Check the wonderful picture.

Right, then, here’s what Meenakshi Menon had to say about Kiran Khalap. (It’s a short audio clip – 1 minute 56 seconds)


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