Kubbra Sait’s ‘French Window’ on Ishq Double Shots – shades of Titanic and Gully Boy

image-Kubbra Sait's 'French Window' on Ishq Double Shots MediabriefKubbra Sait continues her A-game in 104.8 Ishq FM’s digital and on-air property  Ishq Double Shots, which allows the audience to choose the climax of a collection of stories.

In her second webisode, Kubbra presents a classic love story that has reflected through the years from the epic Titanic to India’s recent entry for Oscars and her fun cameo in Gully Boy. 

The narrative shows the contemporary class difference between a rich girl and a poor boy falling for each other. We see Atika, a pretty by privilege South Mumbai girl who finds her one true love in her long-lost friend Palash. As filmy as it sounds, a resident of the typically large Venetian décor house eventually falling for her ‘Samne vali Khidki’, reaches a crossroads when she sees something unusual that leaves her shocked.

With her vivacious charm and a knack to engage people with her zestful yet humbling act, Kubbra’s ‘French Window’ will leave one wanting for more.

You can catch the earlier episodes featuring her and Sumeet by visiting Ishq’s YouTube channel or tune in to Ishq Double Shots on 104.8 Ishq Mon-Fri @ 11 am, 4 pm and 8 pm in Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata.

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