Real-time measurement of OTT, Broadcast FM audiences on smart devices, from Kantar, VTION

 image-Kantar-VTION-bring-measurement of realtime OTT consumption on smartphones-MediaBriefKantar has partnered with VTION to roll out ‘OTT Audience Measurement’, and which they describe as ‘India’s first, real-time audience measurement solution that redefines audience measurement’. Audience measurement and analytics company VTION uses patent applied technology to measure and analyze consumption of OTT Video, OTT Audio, Podcasting and Broadcast Radio FM on smart devices.

The joint, go-to-market offering brings together Kantar’s expertise in media measurement and Consumer insights and VTION’s proprietary audience measurement technology and data management framework to provide an understanding of audience behaviour, insights for communication planning as well assessment of ROI for media investments across OTT Video platforms, OTT Audio Streaming & Podcasting and Broadcast Radio FM Platforms.

Hemant Mehta, Managing Director, Insights Division, Kantar, says, “With consumers moving seamlessly across screens, it is imperative that their behaviour across different media platforms is tracked comprehensively. The explosion in smartphone ownership, availability of affordable data plans and launch of multiple OTT-based media options have resulted in consumers increasingly spending time on their phones and seek their entertainment solutions.

“OTT platforms have broken the shackles of linear broadcasting and are changing consumers’ entertainment and media consumption habits. With the launch of OTT Audience Measurement solution, we hope to provide rich insights into audience profiles, their content and platform preferences as well as give guidelines for communication planning and activation.

“We are confident that our partnership with VTION will bring immense value for all the constituents of the industry – content creators, platforms, brand owners and media planners,” Mehta says.

Manoj Dawane, Founder & CEO of VTION, says, “Today, more than half of the world’s population has the power of smartphones. This is profoundly changing the way in which consumers are satisfying their entertainment needs by using their devices to discover and consume content of their choice as per their convenience.

“At VTION, we are utilising this power to study their entertainment consumption habits. Our mission is to bring to the market a real-time audience measurement powered by latest technology.

“Our partnership with Kantar and our proprietary data management framework, which utilises advanced Machine Learning algorithms, will significantly enhance consumer understanding and add new layer of intelligence for the industry,” Dawane says.

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