JSW Steel and Rishabh Pant Honour the Forces With #NervesOfSteel film by RepIndia

JSW Steel and Rishabh Pant Honour the Forces With #NervesOfSteel film by RepIndia

JSW Steel & Rishabh Pant Pay Tribute to the #NervesOfSteel at the Frontlines of the COVID-19 Crisis in their Fight For Humanity 

In the spread of COVID-19, the world has witnessed panic, grief, and alarm unlike ever before. But we have also witnessed the call of duty respond with honour and integrity. While every citizen plays his and her part, by staying at home, health professionals, law and order officers, journalists, grocery store vendors, sanitation workers and the like, continue to put their lives on the line, for the benefit of us all. 

In recognition, JSW Steel pays tribute to the men and women at the frontlines, with their campaign #NervesOfSteel, giving applause to the dedication and service of those who have risen above to protect our country.  

Brand ambassador, JSW Steel, Rishabh Pant kickstarted the campaign by highlighting these working professionals who are fulfilling their duty to the nation. He encouraged viewers at home to meet their commitment in equal measure by staying and home and practicing social distancing. The message from the house of JSW was clear–as Indians, we have always been a nation made up of #NervesOfSteel and together we will be triumphant, stronger and better than ever before.

“Our idea was very simple. While the world is in complete panic mode, there are individuals who are putting their lives on the line for the protection of us all. That needs to be acknowledged, applauded and most importantly remembered. From healthcare professionals to grocery store vendors and even journalists—who are on the field making sure we have the right information and can take precaution in accordance, the sacrifice these individuals are making, really is commendable. Our campaign is a tribute to their spirit, and I feel very privileged to be able to leverage digital as a medium to tell our heroes, thank you. Your bravery will not be forgotten,” says CEO of RepIndia, Ayesha Chenoy.

Ashish Manchanda (Vice President, Client Strategy – RepIndia) adds, “As citizens, we have to complement the efforts of our forces by practicing social distancing. But we can always reach out to the men and women at the frontlines and all Indians alike to express gratitude and solidarity. And that’s why we went digital with this campaign.”

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