ITC Savlon launches ‘Mask Hai Mazaak Nahin’ campaign for social awareness


Masks have now become a way of life – and wearing one properly is not just a responsibility unto one’s own well-being, but also an indefatigable civic responsibility towards curbing the ongoing pandemic spread, especially since there is no way to assess who may be an asymptomatic transmitter.

To raise awareness towards mask wearing etiquette, ITC Savlon has introduced a new series of TVCs with the underlying message ‘Mask Hai Mazak Nahin’ under its Swasth India Mission programme.

The TVCs, conceptualized by Ogilvy India, add a touch of humour to this discernibly important issue.  The films are set in familiar, everyday contexts that one can relate to easily – occasions such as buying veggies from a street vendor, and sharing a lift with people. Protagonists in each of the films are seen making sure they encourage people they encounter to wear their masks properly, with simple gestures like a nod, a stare or an eyeroll.

Music has been used as a tool to help build discomfort when the new rules of engagement aren’t held up. The treatment of the film has been kept light without taking away from the seriousness of the message and aims to encourages consumers to stay vigilant, while leading by example.

Nasar Husami, Group Creative Director at Ogilvy, said, “While most of us know how essential it is to wear a mask, a lot of people still don’t realise the importance of wearing it properly. With this new ‘Mask Hai Mazaak Nahin’ campaign by Savlon Swasth India, we have tried to educate people about this in a fun way and hope that it instills a positive behavioral change.”

To build on the importance and the need to wear masks, ITC Savlon Swasth India releases a series of TVCs that are issued in public interest. The TVCs portray the use of masks in public spaces not only for personal safety, but also as a responsibility towards people’s communities, to protect and safeguard those around them.

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