Ipsos: 87% urban Indians satisfied with Modi govt’s handling COVID-19 crisis

In hard hit nations, govt’s performance falls short of expectation in handling 

People’s report card on the Modi govt’s handling of COVID 19 crisis is out! The govt has passed with distinction, with an overwhelming 87% of urban Indians giving the government high ratings. 

In fact, a majority of people in nine out of 13 countries feel their government is doing a good job of containing the spread of COVID-19 in a survey of nearly 26,000 respondents conducted on April 23 to 26. Apart from people in India (87%), Australia (84%), Canada (81%), Germany (75%) and Italy (61%) are most likely to say this, while those in Japan (62%) and the hard-hit European countries of Spain (60%) and France (51%), and Russia (47%) were most likely to cite a poor job by their government.Ipsos: 87% urban Indians satisfied with Modi govt’s handling COVID-19 crisis

Amit Adarkar CEO Ipsos India“Govt was quick to enforce a total lockdown and took a number of bold, precautionary measures to contain the spread of the corona virus. Now, the government is considering a cautious, partial re-opening in the green zones.

“Government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has been lauded by the majority of the populace, polled in the survey, though the govt faced a number of unforeseen challenges along the way. Still, early days,” says Amit Adarkar, Ipsos India CEO.  

Global Perception on World Health Organization (WHO) 

After facing a lot of initial flak worldwide on the handling and seriousness  of the pandemic, the role of the World Health Organization (WHO) has found favor with  the majority of people in 11 out of the 13 countries surveyed in containing the spread of COVID-19, but this sentiment has fallen since March in nine out of 12 countries where Ipsos has tracked opinions.

75% urban Indians positively view the role of the WHO in containing the spread of the corona virus. Though there is a dip. 

People in the emerging markets of Mexico (78%), India and Brazil (75%) are most likely to be satisfied with the WHO’s response, followed by the developed nations of Canada (69%) and the U.K. (64%). The only two countries where more people disagree with the job done by the WHO are Japan (63%) and Russia (42%).

Other Ipsos research shows when respondents are asked about the performance of institutions in preventing the spread of the virus other aspects of the issue, including the economic effects of shutdowns, also influence how they evaluate institutional performance relative to containing the spread of COVID-19.

Ipsos: 87% urban Indians satisfied with Modi govt’s handling COVID-19 crisis

The countries seeing the biggest decline in regard for the WHO’s response are France (-14), India and Russia (-12) and Australia (-9). Germany (+13) and Japan (+2) are the only countries where satisfaction with the WHO’s role has increased.

Ipsos: 87% urban Indians satisfied with Modi govt’s handling COVID-19 crisis

These are the results of an Ipsos survey conducted April 23rd to 26th, 2020 on the Global Advisor online platform among 25,992 adults aged 18-74 in Canada and the United States and 16-74 in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, India, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom. Where available, tracking results from previous studies, conducted through April and March and selected results from February are referenced by date.

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