Instapizza launches the #CrustFlix campaign to ensure customer safety & build trust

Image-Instapizza launches the #CrustFlix campaign to ensure customer's safety and build trust-MediaBrief.jpg

Instapizza, a young, homegrown Pizza brand used an engaging content strategy to garner trust within consumers across the period of lockdown. The brand took forward a call to action to dispense myths of food ordering, as well as show their own hygienic practises for food preparation and delivery to their consumers.

InstaPizza launched #Crustflix, live streaming of it’s kitchens, on its social media profiles across 10 of it’s operational outlets in Delhi/ NCR and Punjab. Taking inspiration from the OTT platform Netflix, and paying ode to the same, Instapizza’s taglines use popular characters from iconic Netflix shows to bring a touch of quirk to the way they have created safety protocols, and live streaming of the kitchen.

From Harvey Spector washing his hands of many deals- to the hand-washing every twenty minutes; from the heated Money Heist to daily temperature checks for staff, millennial audiences will identify with this campaign that picks one of their favourite mainstays in lockdown to establish trust for them with Instapizza. The aim was to show that the brand can keep it’s consumers safe while baking those crusts. All of this can be seen live by tuning in to #CrustFlix (

Image-Ashwin Jain, Founder, Instapizza-MediaBrief.jpgAshwin Jain, Founder, Instapizza, said, “At that time, there was a prevailing atmosphere of uncertainty and fear around food delivery. We intended to demonstrate to our customers in a radically transparent manner the many steps that we take in our kitchens to ensure food safety and hygiene, and this is why we launched live streaming of our outlets on #CrustFlix”

The campaign helped the brand gain customer’s trust, where #CrustFlix, enabled people to see every single step the brand took to make sure their teams, kitchens, and food were 100% safe. The website traffic to InstaPizza increased by 15x in the month of May, with the brand receiving thousands of views, likes, comments across a month and a half long window of the campaign.

Sonali Saraogi Singh, Co-founder, Instapizza, said, “We pride ourselves on the standards of safety maintained by InstaPizza across all our kitchens. Our current aim was to use the Livestream content to build an engaging client experience that would offer complete transparency in the way we make our pizzas. It's been great learning for us as well as our staff, as even they realize the importance of their work. Our customer feedback on this has been brilliant as well”.

Overall the campaign helped the brand garner greater trust and sales through its life cycle.
CrustFlix helped establish trustworthiness in the minds of consumers. InstaPizza had a lifetime low in our sales in the week of April 27 – May 3. Sales were very, very low in that week! The CrustFlix campaign was launched on April 30. Though the campaign took some
time to translate into sales, the overall impact since then has been roughly 13% week-on-
week growth through the months of May and, June as well.

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