Instagram unveils Born on Instagram and ‘Unlabel’ video series, highlights Instagram for Business 15-city rollout ahead

Close on the heels of Thumbstoppers by Facebook – without a doubt the single best content-supported awareness-adoption-engagement program by any social media platform this year – comes another interesting and pretty well thought out rollout by its little sister Instagram which has fast been revealing itself as the prodigy to its older sibling.

Born On Instagram announced

At its inaugural Instagram Experience (IGX) in Mumbai, Product VP Vishal Shah announced the rollout of the ‘Born on Instagram’ initiative to discover creators all across India, underlined its the ‘Impact, Influencer and Interactivity’ approach to leverage Instagram for business, and also played a bit of its new ‘Unlabel’ content series that outlines how it’s the kindest community online.

image-Born On Instagram - Vishal Shah Product Head Instagram - MediaBriefBorn on Instagram – was announced in recognition of the accelerated creativity in content witnessed all across India. The program will celebrate, discover and showcase creators in big and regional cities, and give them collaboration- and mentorship opportunities. It will roll out in 15 cities, beginning this year.

Product VP Vishal Shah unveils Born on Instagram and 'Unlabel' video series at ; highlights @Instagram for Business at #IGX2019 in Mumbai. 15-city rollout soon. @secondatticus Click To Tweet said, “Instagram is gaining strong momentum both globally and in India. Much like Indian culture, passions pursued by Instagrammers here are the most diverse and represent urban and regional trends. This, combined with the way people freely express themselves on the platform, creates an amazing opportunity for creators and businesses here.”

With over a billion people globally, Instagram is loved for its vibrant community, cultural relevance and visual expression. IGX furthers the engagement with the community, by hosting over 250 creators and marketers, including actors Taapsee Pannu and Priya Varrier, and creators Mallika Dua, Pooja Dhingra and Savi & Vid from Bruised Passports.

Regional celebrities like Guru Randhawa, Nusrat Jehan and Kajal Aggarwal and creators like Pawan Kumar from Artkala in Patna, Sujit Bhaktan from Tech Travel Eat in Kerala and Kiran Dutta from Your Bong Guy in Kolkata already use Instagram creatively.

The community also includes businesses of all sizes who leverage Instagram to drive awareness, increase customers and share their story amongst a highly engaged audience.

At IGX, the focus was on an approach based on ‘Impact, Influencer and Interactivity’ to enable businesses to best leverage Instagram. This impact is an outcome of the authentic connections between brands and consumers, further showcased by an IPSOS India study where 94% of people said they searched for more information after seeing a product or service on Instagram. 95% of people also said Instagram helps them decide whether to buy a product or service.

Instagram is also a natural home for influencers, and brands leverage associations with them well to increase awareness and build trust.

With the launch of Branded Content Ads earlier this year, advertisers now have the ability to promote creators’ organic branded content posts as feed and stories ads. This is spurred by interactivity as people increasingly use interactive elements like Poll stickers and Questions, and hence 60% of businesses on Instagram use an interactive element in Stories every month. Interactive ads, starting with Instagram Poll Stickers, work well to that end to enable instant two-way communication and get people involved.

Instagram IGX: Unlabel video series

But people will only express themselves if they feel safe and supported and Instagram has recently rolled out the ‘Restrict’ feature, to that end, to protect a user’s account from unwanted interactions. Now, the app has unveiled a new content series, ‘Unlabel’, in partnership with Yuvaa, a youth media platform, which features young Indians challenging stereotypes to be their authentic selves.

Instagram has recently made a number of additions to help people express themselves better on the platform. These include the Music Sticker for Stories, a new dark mode, a new Create Mode on camera, the Create Don’t Hate stickers as part of the anti-bullying efforts and the IGTV Series tool for creators.

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