Insightful MoEngage study on how Covid-19 has impacted mobile app behaviour

image - main- media and entertainment MoEngage AppTopia study on Covid Impact MediaBriefThe COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the economy like no other and has been revolutionizing the way humans function since the outbreak. Businesses across all verticals around the globe are reeling under the impact of the global pandemic.

Since most geographies across the world went into a mandatory lockdown, a lot has changed in the way users interact with businesses across various verticals. Subsequently, the Coronavirus crisis and its impact on apps have been unprecedented.

While, some industries have seen a surge in user activity, others are grappling with the irrevocable losses that have taken place in their operations. Heartfelt human interactions and dependency on technology have never felt more essential.

A global study published by MoEngage and Apptopia reveals that while most app businesses are hit, others are surviving and some even thriving amidst the crisis.

The study, covering data generated by over 1.5 billion app users using over 60 mobile apps in 12 verticals, reveals that while some app verticals are top losers viz travel & hospitality, ride-hailing, there are some big gainers viz social media, video/ audio streaming.

This must-download-and study report from MoEngage and Apptopia covers staggering trends and provides in-depth insights into how app businesses have been coping with the effects of the epidemic over the last few weeks

image COVID-19 IMPACT QUADRANT - MoEngage AppTopia study on Covid Impact MediaBrief

Online shopping is here to stay

North America and India have seen a 90% and a 40% increase in active users respectively on online shopping apps – particularly for daily services such as milk, grocery, and essentials. Consumers are relying more and more on getting their goods delivered than being in direct contact with people.

In the second week of March 2020, the Government of India instated the lockdown and restricted both domestic and international travel.

During this time, there was a huge surge in the number of active users on online shopping and grocery apps.

image -01-online shopping - MoEngage AppTopia study on Covid Impact MediaBrief
Increase in active users in March 2020 in India

Travel & Hospitality

The number one industry worldwide to take a massive hit. The onset of the slump in each geographic region varies. While the European Union and Southeast Asia show an early downward trend in mid-February, the United States, and India show a late downfall in early to mid-March coinciding with travel lockdowns in individual countries.

The airline industry in the EU is most affected (40% drop in downloads in the last 30 days) compared to the rest of the world.

image -02-travel and hospitality-MoEngage AppTopia study on Covid Impact MediaBrief
App download trends for top 10 airlines by traffic volumes worldwide

Video Conferencing Apps – It’s zoomin’ big time!

image video conferencing MoEngage AppTopia study on Covid Impact MediaBriefWith mandatory work-from-home and social distancing policies in effect, this industry has seen the most exponential growth. With Zoom, being the leader in the category showing strong growth in most parts of the world: US(+601%), India(+1913%), Indonesia(+4139%) in last 30 days  (is there is breakup of the top apps/services being used in India, like a ranking?)

Another new entrant in the category that combines video chats with games, Houseparty saw record 5 digit growth in downloads in key geographies: Spain (+53026%), Italy (+5500%), UK(+1021%), US(406%), India(+8198%) in last 30 days. Facebook too had launched its meetings and other functions in Messenger. Anything about that, or did it arrive after the duration of your study? Do double check,pls)

image -03-video conferencing apps-MoEngage AppTopia study on Covid Impact MediaBrief
Download trends for top 13 video conferencing apps, worldwide

Media & Entertainment on the go

image media and entertainment MoEngage AppTopia study on Covid Impact MediaBriefMedia and Entertainment OTT apps have had exponential upward trends worldwide since early March timelines with more people stuck at home due to the lockdown all over the world.

image -05-top 4 global ott apps download trends - MoEngage AppTopia study on Covid Impact MediaBrief
Download trends for top 4 on-demand entertainment apps, worldwide

The Entertainment industry collectively sees a very late yet sustained upward bloom in Downloads and DAU, around mid to late March. Disney+ (March 14), Netflix (March 19), Amazon Prime (March 20).  The highest drivers of growth for Netflix in downloads in the last 30 days have been the United States (up 19.5%), Brazil (up 11.5%), Mexico (up 6.1%), and India (up 4.7%).

image -india picture-ott apps-media and entertainment MoEngage AppTopia study on Covid Impact MediaBrief
Top: A continuous upward trend in Monthly Active Users. An overall 8% growth in total users in 2020 in India on Entertainment OTT Apps. Bottom: Sharp drop in uninstalls

image -netflix-media and entertainment MoEngage AppTopia study on Covid Impact MediaBrief

India has been a major contributor to the worldwide growth of Netflix in the last 30 days (+40%). India has increasingly become a huge revenue-generating geography for the entertainment giant whose biggest markets are the United States, Brazil, and Canada.

How are brands marketing in these chaotic times?

Brands all over the world are looking at leveraging their content marketing game and pushing out more informational pieces of content which might be helpful to businesses, marketers, product managers, industry leaders, etc.  Companies are reaching out to their consumers to help and ensure safety during these chaotic times and invest resources in curating bite-sized content that resonates with users. (What are the data points to back these important insights?)

For example, one MoEngage travel and hospitality customer, OYO, has introduced games and daily newsletters for their users to keep them aware and also engaged at the same time by sharing heartwarming stories from the community with hygienic practices to follow.

Another MoEngage client, the electric mobility startup Yulu Bikes, has been doing its share in launching awareness campaigns by reaching out to more than 1 million users in India informing them about the safety measures taken by their team by pushing out notifications periodically.

Key Takeaways 

Brands are taking this time to re-look at their capabilities,  fixing data flow, and identifying shortcomings in the current product stack, focusing on innovating with their strategies on human resources, partner ecosystem, employees, etc. Compassion and humility are key factors to play on during this pandemic and ensuring these are covered across all communications would leave a significant impact on your users.

Trends such as online learning, remote work, selling virtually, online shopping are here to stay. I believe online is the new normal. Commodities, experiences, learning, working, etc. are all examples of how quickly humans have adapted to the new ways of functioning. 2020 looks full of unwelcomed surprises and we are changing accordingly.

Your thoughts, please