Catch the cinephile-approved IMDB top scorers on &PrivéHD’s, Privé Recommends

image-Catch the cinephile approved IMDB top scorers on &PrivéHD’s new property, Privé Recommends MediabriefCinema is a doorway to feel the other side of riveting stories that are embraced by excellent direction, acting and storylines and they are a must-watch on every film lover’s bucket list. &PrivéHD, the premium destination of nuanced cinema celebrates some iconic films of all time, highly rated by the audience themselves, on the Privé Recommends playlist. Available as part of the Zee Prime English Pack brings to you a list of best of IMDB movie titles airing from February 10, 2020, to February 29, 2020, Weeknights at 9 only on &PrivéHD. 

The magnificent line-up of Privé Recommends includes movies from ratings above 7.5 till the highest rated movie ever, The Godfather- (Rating- 9.2) The Godfather II, (Rating- 9), Django Unchained (Rating- 8.4), Taxi Driver (Rating – 8.3), Perks Of Being A Wallflower (Rating – 8), Lion (Rating – 8), Slumdog Millionaire (8) are few other titles which are a part of the property. As the name suggests, the channel brings the elite class of movies chosen by the non-conformists themselves for the cinephiles.

The titles are brought together keeping in mind the high ratings they have garnered through its exceptional stories, acting, and direction. The property has been specially curated for those who immerse themselves in fine cinema. &PrivéHD promises a different experience every time the viewers’ tunes in and will keep you coming back for more critically acclaimed content. 

So, witness the finest works of cinema as &PrivéHD brings a collection of Top rated IMDB highly rated titles with ‘Privé Recommends’, from February 10, 2020, onwards, Weeknights at 9.

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