IMDb Home School shares movies for ‘Study Abroad From Home’, and where to watch them

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We are living in unprecedented times. Never before, have people not been able to travel to places. Moreover, in these difficult times, while you cannot get on a flight, one can always indulge in a flight of fancy.  To help you imagine rich new worlds and places, IMDb editors have listed down their favourite must-watch movies from around the world as a part of the IMDb Home School: Study Abroad from Home. So now, while you study at home, don’t miss out on the chance to study abroad from home.

IMDb Home School ‘ The full list

IMDb Home School: Educational Picks for Kids:

IMDb Home School: Book-to-Screen Adaptations:

  1. The Eagle Huntress (IMDb Rating 7.5)
  2. The Tale of The Princess Kaguya (IMDb Rating 8.0)
  3. Hunt for the Wilderpeople (IMDb Rating 7.9)
  4. Queen of Katwe (IMDb Rating 7.4)
  5. The Red Balloon (IMDb Rating 8.2)
  6. Pele: Birth of a Legend (IMDb Rating 7.2)
  7. The Breadwinner (IMDb Rating 7.7)
  8. Coco (IMDb Rating 8.4)
  9. The Way Home (IMDb Rating 7.8)
  10. Song of the Sea (IMDb Rating 8.1)
  11. The Wave (IMDb Rating 7.6)
  12. Honeyland (IMDb Rating 8.0)
  13. Kedi (IMDb Rating 7.7)
  14. Taare Zameen Par (IMDb Rating 8.4)
  15. Abel (IMDb Rating 6.9)

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