Hit throwback: Iconic characters and dialogues from Office Office on Sony SAB

image-Iconic characters and dialogues from Office Office on Sony SAB MediabriefWith Sony SAB bringing one of India’s most favourite comedy shows ‘Office Office’ back to the television screens, viewers seem to have a much-needed dose of happiness amidst these challenging times.

A comedy for all generations, ‘Office Office’ revolves around the character ‘Mussadilal’ (Pankaj Kapur) and his struggle to get his work done from an office filled with employees all having annoying yet entertaining and unique characteristics. 

While you are at home and might be missing your colleagues, let’s take a trip down the memory lane and visit India’s most entertaining office. 

As Office Office makes a comeback in our lives, we list down some of the best characters and their key dialogues from the show.  

Deven Bhojani as Patel Ji and his Do Baatein: 

A master of situation analysis – Patel Ji could think of all the ‘possible possibilities’ that could arise out of any situation. While Deven Bhojani portrayed the role of Patel Ji with immense ease and class, his takiya kalam “Do Baatein” went on to become one of the best elements of the show. 

Here’s one of his most famous monologues from the series:

“Dekho gaur se dekho toh theek hai nahi toh Do baatein ho jaayegi. Ya toh aap mujhe pehchange ya toh nahi pehchange; pehechan lia toh theek hai nahi pehechan toh 2 baate hojaayegi. Ya toh aapka kaam hoga ya toh nahi hoga; phenchaniye na mujhe kaam hua toh acha hai nahi hua toh 2 baatein ho jayegi – ya toh aapko pension milegi ya toh nahi milegi. Pension mili toh acha hai nahi mili toh 2 baate hojaayegi – ya toh aapko dobara naukri karni padhegi ya toh bhuka marna padhega. Kyun bhuka marna chahte hai master ji?”  

The Foodie Manoj Pahwa as Bhatia Ji 

There’s always that person in the office who can smell food from wherever he/she is! This is that one person who does not just love food but worships it. Well, every one office has that one Bhatia Ji in their office. Essayed by Manoj Pahwa, Bhatia Ji is fond of food and he will make it very evident and endearingly so. Don’t believe us? Here a story from his life, in his own words: 

“Kya khana banata hai! Mere chintu ke mundan may usne khana banaya, logo ko itna pasand ayaa ki mujhe apne bete ka mundan dobara karna padha. Aapne bhi agar apne bete ka mundan 3 baar na karaya naam badal dena.” 

Tina Grover as Eva oops Eva Grover as Tina

Probably the youngest team member, Tina is always confused and jumbles up her words, and you are bound to find her confusion mostly endearing and maybe sometimes annoying. With dialogues such as “Koi zinda bhi nahi hay ki aap saboot hay” or “Kya raid ka police padha hai?” Tina is bound to keep you entertained.   

The master of multi-tasking – Usha Madam played by Asawari Joshi

Every manager would want their subordinate to have this one quality – the ability to multitask! Usha Madam is one such example of an efficient multi-tasker who will teach you the skills of multi-tasking in her own unique andaaz. “Yehi Toh” inki khoobi hay! So, take a refresher course on how to finish your household chores while completing your TTDs with Usha Madam. 

Besides these characters, the office is also blessed with the presence of Shukla Ji (Sanjay Mishra) and Hemant Pandey as Pandey Ji in pivotal roles.  

Witness all the madness galore again with Office Office on two dedicated timeslots from Monday to Friday at 6 PM and 10.30 PM only on Sony SAB.

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