Never use illegal mosquito repellent incense sticks: Home Insect Control Association

Home Insect Control Association never use illegal mosquito repellent incense sticks

Amidst India’s ongoing efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19, the threat of malaria and dengue is looming. Starting May till September is when mosquitoes are at the peak leading to many cases of malaria & dengue. As household insecticides, including mosquito repellent incense sticks are the first line of defence, Home Insect Control Association (HICA), a non-profit making industry body promoting safe use of household insecticides, made a public-interest ad film to create awareness around illegal incense sticks laced with pesticides and harmful chemicals.

HICA urges people to stop buying illegal mosquito repellent incense sticks and opt for safe, approved incense sticks from reputed companies. HICA plans to broadcast this ad film on television channels and digital platforms.

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