hoichoi announces Tansener Tanpura part 2 will release in November


Get ready for a brand-new season of Tansener Tanpura, coming as soon as this November for the audience of hoichoiTansener Tanpura Part 2 will bring forth a whole new level of mystery and intrigue. Alap (Vikram Chatterjee) and Shruti (Rupsa Chatterjee) return for the hunt for the famous “Tanpura” which once belonged to the famous musician Tansen.

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The first season ended on a cliff hanger unleashing many twists and turns in the series. The audience are in anticipation to find out who finally attains the celebrated “Tanpura” which has been in Shruti’s family for generations, but no one knows exactly where its location is! The audience of hoichoi has been eagerly waiting and asking for Part 2 since Part 1 released all its episodes last Friday; the good news is that – they don’t have to wait any longer.

Tansener Tanpura Part 1 has transpired to be one of the biggest shows of hoichoi and the most successful Original release of 2020 till date. It has already set a prodigious benchmark for itself and is now returning for the much-awaited 2nd season. The shooting has already been completed and currently Post Production work is going on.

In the second season, we are awaiting the outcome of many mysteries left behind in the first season. There are lot more feats before the Tanpura is rescued by Alap and Shruti. The series is on its way to become more cryptic and baffling as the hunt continues. Audiences can look forward to the historical references and more musical & enriching journey in the forthcoming season. Will Alap be able to find the one and only Tansener Tanpura? Watch out for twice the more adventure and hunt in Tansener Tanpura Part 2.

Image-Vikram Chatterjee, Actor-MediaBrief.jpgVikram Chatterjee, Actor who essays the role of Alap in Tansener Tanpura, said, “I am overwhelmed for all the love from our audience. It feels great to see how much our hard work is appreciated. I am blessed with a great team and season 2 was a lot of fun to shoot. I cannot wait to see the reaction and response for it and the best part is that, we do not have to wait for another year but only 3 months to witness Part 2!”

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