‘Hire an acid survivor’ campaign for Joy from Grapes Digital

image-'Hire an acid survivor' campaign for Joy from Grapes Digital MediabriefAcid attack survivors have no dearth of moral support, especially on the internet. Our society loves to talk about them as heroes. However, if we closely look into their situation, they need something more important than moral support from society. They want proper jobs that can help them to feed their families and live a respectable life. But, did you know why these survivors have difficulty in finding jobs?
Joy Personal Care from RSH Global has come up with a unique idea to empower acid attack survivors and help them live a life with dignity. They have launched a campaign —  #JustHireOne  — urging HR Heads and CEO’s to hire acid attack survivors.
The idea has been conceptualized by Grapes Digital.

It may be recalled that Joy Personal Care has developed a special range of products for acid attack survivors and to promote this they have associated with the movie Chhapaak to reach a wider audience. They have also initiated a nationwide employment drive to support the livelihoods of acid attack survivors.

Even though the scars heal in a while, society makes acid attack survivors feel miserable at every step.

It begins with delayed justice, a distressed financial situation, negligible government support, and, in some cases,  no family life too. These survivors cannot get jobs because employers do not want to hire people who look scary and ugly. They are discriminated against on the bases of looks, even in this day and age. Many are struggling to just survive, pay their rents  or send their kids to schools. They might have the full moral support of society on social media, with countless articles, tweets, likes, and shares about their courage, but they lack one single basic job that could provide them with what they need most: the opportunity to earn money that would help them live with dignity.

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Truth: But, I Cannot employ Acid Attack Survivors, They Look Ugly!!

Pragya Prasun Singh, an acid attack survivor from Bengaluru, shares the first-hand experience of being rejected in several job interviews on the pretext of her disfigurement despite being a post-graduate in fashion management.

Pragya Prasun Singh says, “It was during this time when I decided that I will be a voice for acid attack survivors and will help them. I wanted to help them so that they can live their lives with dignity.”

When most people would lose confidence in life, Pragya chose a different path and decided to dedicate her life to help acid survivors get jobs and raise funds for the surgery. Today, she runs her NGO ‘Atijeevan Foundation’ that helps rehabilitate the acid attack survivors. She was attacked in 2006, just 12 days after she got married, from a rejected lover.

These survivors have every right to start their life again. They can be a lawyer, fashion designer, chef, artist, salon owner, engineer, model or anything they wish to be. No one can deny this right to them.

MediaBrief.com had reported that Joy has started a campaign called #skinofcourage which will highlight the empowerment aspect of an acid attack survivor’s life. In this campaign, one of the key initiatives is #justhireone wherein Joy will hire 3 acid attack survivors and will also urge CEO and HR heads to consider these survivors while hiring talent.

The brand believes that these survivors are as good a talent as any of us. Survivors can send their resumes or CVs to [email protected].

The employment drive was conceptualized by independent digital agency Grapes Digital, which also handles the digital duties for Joy Personal Care.

Speaking about this range Sunil Agarwal, Chairman, RSH Global,  said, “Globally, India tops for acid attacks and the existing products for the hypersensitive skin of acid attack survivors are either rare, expensive or from derma category. Therefore, affordability played a major role in product development – ‘Joy Sensitive’.

The company’s endeavour has always been to deliver quality products at an affordable price and this has been the genesis behind this new range meant for hyper-sensitive skin. Personally, this is the most satisfying project in the last 30 years of my entrepreneurial journey & we all look forward to hearing it back from the users.”

Poulomi Roy, Chief Marketing Officer, RSH Global, said, “Make good quality products accessible to all at an affordable price, has been the company’s purpose of existence. This project is a manifestation of the same and skin of courage campaign is a testimony of marketing with a purpose.

Women from modest backgrounds often fall prey to acid attacks. Therefore, being a mass brand and having in-house infrastructure, R&D, resources and logistics, the thought raised was, can we develop a special product for them at an affordable price point? This is how ‘Joy Sensitive’ was born with robust research and innovation. 

Chhapaak releasing during the launch of ‘Joy sensitive’, triggered an association which was much beyond the usual promotions and the celebrity quotient. Apart from the co-branded TVC, we are organizing a special screening of the movie for over 200 acid attack survivors. We are also in the process of starting off a nationwide employment drive for acid attack survivors by associating with an NGO as a part of the campaign. The cause will be extensively promoted digitally as well.”

It’s been an extremely gratifying experience for me to work on this project and we’ve a long way to go.”

Shradha Agarwal, Co-Founder & COO, Grapes Digital, says, “It was a completely different experience working with Pragya. She is extremely spirited and determined to bring a change in society. It is just not right to discriminate these survivors on the basis of looks. They deserve a good life as much as anyone else. I thank Joy Personal Care for going forward with this initiative and bringing out her story to the forefront. This will motivate a lot of people.”

The association of Chhapaak and Joy Personal Care has gone beyond the usual promotions. Apart from a co-branded TVC, the brand is also organizing a special screening of the movie for over 200 acid attack survivors. It has also launched a new range of product suitable for the sensitive skin of acid attack survivors, ‘Joy Sensitive’, under its brand name of ‘Joy’. The range includes a face-wash, moisturizer, cream and sunscreen, designed keeping in mind the daily skincare need of hypersensitive skin.

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