M S Dhoni voices excellent Gulf Oil film on living positively in the ‘new normal’ – #NewWayForward

This, without doubt, is one of the rare campaigns to have come out during the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown, because it provides, very simply and effectively, meaningful answers to the one biggest question that hasn’t been discussed enough even as everyone speaks about business in the new normal post-lockdown. Nobody has really examined the far more basic and important aspect of how people will need to behave and attune their outlook and approach towards, and behaviour with, society and the people around them once the lockdown opens.

This stylish, simple, beautifully written and executed film from lubricant leader Gulf Oil and voiced by MS Dhonie answers that questions.

There couldn’t have been a better voice than that of the ever unflappable Captain Cool to share the #NewWayForward message in this film emphasising the significance of having a positive outlook, once we start living our lives outside and not locked, once again.

Love yourself, respect everyone else around you — live positively, and let live happily, seems to be the key takeout for the new normal that’s going to need to be defined by social distancing, prioritizing our health over everything, spending time with loved ones, being considerate towards others and being mindful of the collective responsibility each one of us has towards the environment.

Significant and deep thought, this. A sensitive iteration of elemental and relevant actions that each one of us needs to remember to take, every day, going forward.

In fact, Gulf Oil Brand Ambassador M S Dhoni puts it best, when he says, “The world is going through an unprecedented event with Covid-19. While we tackle this situation, we have had some transforming share of learnings from it.

“As we move ahead, we should be thoughtful about and kind to one another. The all-new norms – social distancing, and sound physical, emotional, and spiritual health, will act as the cornerstone on which we will collectively lay the bedrock for a brighter tomorrow. Maybe this is the 2020 vision, not the one we hoped for but the one we actually need.”

Ravi Chawla, Managing Director, Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd., has, “In these trying times, humankind has been facing some major setbacks. With the ‘new normal’, our lives won’t be the same. We have to be conscious of our actions and collectively work towards crafting a better future. As a responsible brand, we urge our valued customers to stay strong and embrace these changes positively, so that we may emerge stronger than before.”

Chockalingam S, Creative Head, OPN Advertising, said, “The idea for the film came from a meeting while we were discussing the way forward with the Gulf team and Mr. Ravi Chawla said “This crisis is an opportunity for us to strive better, and that essentially sets the tone for the film”. The film represents Gulf Oil’s spirit of being mindful, optimistic, and progressive, and stars the brand ambassador for more than 10 years now – MS Dhoni. He has the ideal personality to spread positivity in these tough times.”

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