Massive adex growth on Radio from several categories from rising SEC A listenership: RAM/TAM data

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There has been phenomenal growth in advertising on Radio from several categories across General Insurance and Anywhere Banking to Cosmetics and Kitchen Chimneys — with General Insurance growing by a whopping 3100 percent — due to the growth in male listenership amongst the SEC A segment in the four major metros per RAM/TAM data.

It may be recalled that research by AZ Research PPL in April 2020 for top 6 metros had indicated that 82 percent of population (22 percent increase) had tuned in to FM Radio after Covid-19 set in, with a significant increase in listening time (23 percent increase). The research also positioned FM Radio as the most credible media amongst Print, TV and Radio.

The RAM & TAM Adex data reinforces the above in the SEC A segment.

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The following are the significant increase in Sec A segment listenership and engagement as per post Covid -19 RAM research release:

  • 67 percent growth in TSL (Times spent in listening), Kolkata.
  • 62 percent growth in TSL, Bengaluru.
  • 35 percent growth in TSL, Delhi.
  • 28 percent growth in reach, Mumbai.

The TAM Adex data also reflects consequent phenomenal growth in Advertising in certain categories due to above. The significant increases have been in:

  • General Insurance – 3100 percent.
  • Anywhere Banking – 1760 percent.
  • Com- Auto Rental services – 808 percent.
  • Lifestyle – 713 percent.
  • Cosmetics – 344 percent.
  • Kitchen Chimneys – 293 percent.

Image-Anurradha Prasad , President of Association of Radio Operators, India-MediaBrief.jpgAnurradha Prasad, President of Association of Radio Operators, India, said, “ It is heartening to see that the phenomenal rise in credibility, reach and time spent on Radio has resulted in a high increase in Sec A segment listenership. The resultant phenomenal increase in advertisements in Insurance, Banking, Auto hire, Lifestyle etc products is indeed most encouraging.

“We are sure that this will now expand to almost all categories of advertisement targeted at all segments of population. Radio is now a must have media for reaching each and every segment of population in the cities and towns it operates in.

“Being a local media with national reach across 108 cities, it gives the opportunity for advertising in any geographical region or clusters of choice. Also Radio is the only media that can be accessed while doing other activities- driving, working, exercising, walking etc giving it an exclusive advantage as compared to other media which require 100 percent attention,” Prasad said.

image-Ashit-Kukian-CEO-Radio City-on-GPTW 2019 win-MediabriefAshit Kukian, CEO, Radio City, said, “Radio is undoubtedly one of the most powerful, credible and reliable medium that caters to a wide range of audience across the nation.

“The USP of Radio is the hyper local connect and customised content that citizens resonate with, which also becomes a lucrative medium for advertisers to highlight their brand message.

We believe radio as a medium has and will always create a positive impact on listeners and advertisers at large. The belief that national to local advertisers have on radio will surely help to revive the economy at a faster rate,” Kukian said.

image-Abraham Thomas_CEO, Reliance Broadcast Network Limited-mediabriefAbraham Thomas, CEO Big FM, said, “There is a re-imagining of Radio in the minds of listeners and advertisers with a lot of myths about radio getting busted in the process.

“With the increase in consumption of the medium across segments by women, men and SEC’s its heartening to see advertisers using this to reach out to their target consumer.

“Add to this, the hyper local reach, trust & credibility of the radio influencers and impact of audio, radio is truly helping numerous brands to revive their business. Let’s advertise,” Thomas said.

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