Game of Thrones is the Most Torrented TV Show in 2019 too (for 7th year running)

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For the seventh year Game of Thrones has taken the crown for the most pirated TV-show on the Internet. This will also be the last time, as the series has ended, but there’s a newcomer eager to take its place. Disney’s Star Wars series Mandalorian is currently in third place, which is in part due to the limited availability of the new streaming service.

Since the release of the first episode back in 2011, Game of Thrones has conquered the hearts of many people. Unfortunately for HBO, not all of those fans enjoyed it through legal channels.

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For several years Game of Thrones has been the most pirated TV-show. This year, when the final season aired, the interest was once again overwhelming.

As highlighted in the past, Game of Thrones is good for many millions of downloads per week. The show is so popular on pirate sites that it visibly boosted global piracy traffic in 2019.

Most downloaded TV-shows on BitTorrent, 2019

(This compilation considered single episodes only; complete-season downloads were excluded)


Name of Show

1Game of Thrones
3The Mandalorian
4The Big Bang Theory
6The Walking Dead
7The Flash
8Rick and Morty

This will be the last year that the HBO show tops the chart though. The series has ended which means that the most-torrented title will be up for grabs in 2020.

There are a few strong contenders for this spot, including Disney’s The Mandalorian.

The Disney-exclusive show is listed in third place this year but whether it will maintain its momentum remains to be seen. This year’s numbers may in part be boosted by the fact that Disney+ is not available globally yet.

The Walking Dead saw a dip in official TV ratings and has been passed in the ‘pirate’ list by a few shows including The Big Bang Theory and newcomer Chernobyl. The latter did very well as a mini-series, but won’t return in the coming years.

It’s worth noting that BitTorrent traffic only makes up a small portion of the piracy landscape. A lot of people use streaming sites and services nowadays, which generally do not report viewing stats.

Below is a list compiled by Torrentfreak of the most torrented TV-shows worldwide (single episode). The ranking is based on several sources, including statistics reported by public BitTorrent trackers. Full season downloads are not included. (courtesy Ernesto at

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