Gaana rolls out dynamic creatives for audio ads to empower Indian marketers

image-Gaana rolls out dynamic creatives for audio ads to empower Indian marketers MediabriefIndia’s No. 1 music streaming app, Gaana has unveiled new audio ad capabilities that will empower advertisers to talk personally with its listeners by creating contextual audio creatives in real-time. This will enable marketers to create hyper-personalized ads in real-time by tagging parts of commercial scripts based on Age, gender, location, weather, time, music preference, device, and other 3rd party data to create and serve relevant ads to more than 150 million Gaana users.

Gaana’s innovation offers a unique layer of ad personalization to audio that was till now only available with display ads. The brand’s ad engine will leverage a mix of the extensive & highly evolved user-buckets created over the past 10 years and real-time data, such as age, gender, location, weather and artist preferences among others to create contextual ads. These finer aspects will help create some of the most dynamic advertising personas in the industry, and the ensuing collaborative process with the client can create thousands — even millions of permutations for each ad creative.

Dynamic PR imageSpeaking at the launch, Prashan Agarwal, CEO – Gaana said, “Audio streaming is rapidly evolving as an indispensable part of the media mix of most consumer brands across lifestyle, tech, and online services among others. As the industry leader, we pride ourselves on having the most comprehensive suite of ad formats that enable our clients to reach their intended audience in a native and experiential setting. To further this agenda, we have launched Dynamic ads with the ability to customize audio creatives based on a target user’s demographics and other crucial psychographic metadata to drive significantly higher brand recall that will offer the crucial edge marketers need in this noisy world.”

The Indian music streaming industry is at the cusp of an incredible growth curve as more of us start consuming music online. The sector has seen a meteoric 3X growth in the past two years, and the market is expected to 400 Mn monthly active users in the next 2 years. As the country’s go-to music app with over 150 million users streaming over 3.5 billion songs every month, the ability to target this massive user-base with dynamic programmatic audio capabilities will be a game-changer for the Indian marketing community.

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