Funny lines from the AIB episode on Corruption

Some funny lines from the first episode of the welcome new genre-creating OnAir With AIB on hotstar — I missed the telecast, but really, that happened because I knew I could afford to. Not because I have  DTH, but because I knew had the convenience of watching it “kabhi bhi” on hotstar. Hence, haven’t even set it for series recording on my TataSKY DTH.

TATA MOTORS ON HOTSTAROne memorable thing that happened during my viewing of each episode on hotstar — I actually sat through and watched two full 30-second commercials. The lovely Lionel Messi-driven Tata Motors commercial, and a Bharti AXA car insurance thing – nicely done, both. Even the sponsors’ messages (Aks Me Bazar, Tata Motors and Idea) slipped nicely in and out, without irritating one. Idea branded the PIP news videos, so, for me, that got highest recall.  Another good thing? I wanted to get a screengrab of the ads for this piece, but when I dragged the slider to the beginning, it started with the episode itself; the ad had been served only once. Great.

Far better for a couple of ads to stand out on a digital viewing by being the only ones there than for fifteen to all get zipped past into oblivion on A DTH PVR recording.

bharti axa car insurance on hotstarI’m actually surprised at what just tapped itself out of my keyboard above. See, if I had viewed the episode post-airing on my DTH PVR recording, I’d’ve hit fast forward the instant a break bumper came up. So a digital viewing on hotstar actually got me to watch the ads, and my complete attention. Far better for a couple of ads to stand out on a digital viewing by being the only ones there than for fifteen to all get zipped past into oblivion on A DTH PVR recording.

OK, to get back to the first episode, the English one, on hotstar.

khamba-shakya aibThis isn’t a review, it’s just a collection of interesting lines I quickly snatched off the episode, the English one, presented by Khamba and Ashish Shakya. Which I thought was slightly better than the Hindi one that Tanmay and Rohan presented in the Hindi version. The AIB guys do better ‘B’-ing in English than Hindi, and Khamba-Shakya’s ease and elan was a case in point. Also, at maybe two or three points, very briefly, the Hindi grammar was slightly awry on gender, but really, unless someone is a Hindi-bhashi, it would have gone unnoticed. So no big deal, and they could get Tanmay to brush it up a bit. God knows he’s smart alright, shouldn’t be a problem.

TANMAY IDEA BRANDINGBefore I share the standout quips from the English episode, I must say this is truly a genre-creating show. Where would you put it? News? Or Comedy? It’s been correctly described as News-Comedy, because while it shoves into your face a very important, relevant and topical news issue laced with great research and info, hence the gravitas of news, it does so with the trademark irreverence and comic ease they four rascals are so well known for, making it an entertaining and show that induces thoughts and chuckls in equal measure. This is perhaps one way my kids will get more interested in and informed about important news and issues that surely impact us all.

Memorable lines from OnAir With AIB: Ep 1 – Corruption

So here are some of the standout takeaways from OnAir With AIB – Episode 1 on ‘Corruption’.  I’d say these guys needs to share a transcript of the entire episode as a free news feature to all smaller publications across the country. Youth CSR, actually. Great thought-editorial that would galvanize young minds to watch and get sparked by the four Bakchods. Damn! I finally said it!

Corruption is like peeing in the shower. It’s disgusting when someone else does it, but once in a while you hapily do it as well. It’s dirty, but its damn convenient man, it’s so convenient!”

On Rahul Gandhi’s comic ‘bhrashtachar-balatkar mixup’: He just got screwed by auto correct in real life! Every time I look at Rahul Gandhi, it’s like he wants to be a meme!

It’s so sad that in India, exposing corruption is basically a way to outsource your own suicide.

Anonymity is one of the most crucial aspects of being a  whistle blower. If you take that away, there is nothing left. It’s like taking Maachis away from Chandrachur Singh. You take that away, and all you have is a guy who looks like a guy who requests ghazals at a house party.

That’s all I’m revealing about the episodes here, in case you haven’t watched them yet. Must watch.

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