Fruitbowl Digital wins A&O Realty pitch



Mumbai real estate developer A&O Realty has given its mandate to Fruitbowl Digital after a competitive multi-agency pitch which included two undisclosed finalists.

The 360-degree directive will include site branding, creative and media strategy, social media, SEO, ORM, mobile and content marketing, and search engine marketing (SEM) across digital platforms, for existing and upcoming projects across Mumbai, including f.Residences Ghatkopar, f.Residences Malad, Bellevue, Palazzio, Excellenté and Eminenté.

image-rahul-patel-director-A&O-realtyCommenting on the association, Rahul Patel, Director, A&O Realty said, “When they came to us, they brought some ideas that we had never even thought of, and the confidence to execute the ones that we already had in mind. Their fresh perspective towards what real estate communication can be, is definitely helping us stand out in an industry where the competition is never sparse.”

image-dedeepya-reddy-fruitbowl-digital-a&o realty-mandate
Dedeepya Reddy

Dedeepya Reddy, Co-Founder, Fruitbowl Digital, said, “We want to have conversations beyond elevation, carpet size, and cost per square foot. We want future home-owners to see, imagine, and live the experiences that the brand promises and delivers time and again.  The average Indian homebuyer has evolved. In our current world of communication clutter, you can’t sell to them; you have to grab their attention. In the time that you read this article, at least 2 more real estate ads will have found a space in Mumbai. Our city is plastered with them but how many do you really remember?”

Fruitbowl Digital was co-founded by Faisal Amin and Dedeepya Reddy. The creative digital marketing agency has provided creative solutions to several brand challenges. It has successfully served more than 300 accounts which include national giants like Reliance Energy, Mumbai Metro, Adamantino, Hilton, TATA, Vadilal, Zodiac, BMW, Saint Gobain, Sansui, and others.

The Fruitbowl Digital showreel



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