Forevermark’s pays tribute to mothers for imbibing values

IMAGE-fOREVERmARK-mOTHERS dAY cAMNPAIGNIn tribute to mothers across the world, Forevermark, the diamond brand from the De Beers Group, is promoting its global ‘Live and Love’ campaign as an ode to the mothers who are beautiful, brilliant and strong. The campaign thanks mothers for  who undertake a beautiful journey and imbibe values of resilience, courage, strength in one’s life.  Mothers embody strength, preciousness and love that lasts forever, and these are the facets the brand has been capturing and showcasing on its digital platforms.

Of course, being Forevermark, the campaign draws parallels between the impact of a mother’s pristine love and care of her child and the incomparable purity and qualities of the best diamond, and in fact, in the end, even suggests that  the mother be honoured and thanked with a Forevermark diamond – as rare and as beautiful as mothers are. But what remains is the excellent iteration of the hold an occasion like Mother’s Day has over the collective mindset.

Forevermark  believes that love is found, built and honoured in the little things that we do every day. Just like a mother knows her child inside out, we should make efforts too, from knowing her simple likes and dislikes to knowing things that affect her deeply.

Whether it’s going for a long walk together, enjoying a meal out, watching a film or simply wishing goodnight. Love is found in each and every one of these moments.

Therefore, it is essential that we make time from our hectic schedules to live these moments with our mothers. These seemingly insignificant things that we do every day build our forever moments which are to be embraced and cherished. And, Forevermark’s campaign tells the \viewer, ‘live and love these precious moments together and make our tomorrow beautiful by honouring the super woman’ (with a Forevermark diamond — as rare and beautiful’ as she is).

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