82% tuned in to FM Radio for credible information during lockdown; TSL 2.36 hrs

inpost-FM-RADIO-covid-impact-on-media-consumption-LOCKDOWN-mediabriefThe latest research by AZ Research PPL across a sample size of 3300 people among 18+ UA population has revealed that 82% people have been tuning in to radio during COVID-19, with FM channels emerging as the second most credible  source  of information  for  the masses.  As  per  the  research,  radio  has  a  credibility score of 6.27, second only to the internet which is at 6.44 and TV at 5.74.

The research claims that the  radio  industry  witnessed a  listenership  of  51  million  people,  which  is  nearly  as  much  as television’s reach of 56 million and social media’s reach of 57 million. Also noteworthy: radio’s at-home listenership has increased by 22% and grown from 64% to 86%. The time that people spend listening to radio has increased by 23% to 2.36 hours everyday during the lockdown —  second only to television.

COVID-19 INDIA LOCKDOWN: Impact on Radio consumption in India:

Radio had a reach of 51 million in the 6 metros covered in this study as compared to reach of Television at 56 million

During the lockdown, average Radio listener spent 02:36 (HH:MM) on radio listening — up from approximately 02:07 before lockdown, and an increase of 30 minutes per day

Total daily man hours of Radio consumption are at 131 million in these towns

Time spent on Radio has grown by approximately 30 minutes or  23% across segments and the growth is highest in SEC D/E at 28%

Place of listening to Radio has shifted to in-home and Mode of listening to Radio is mostly mobile during the lockdown days

image-FM RADIO REACH 51 MILLION DURING LOCKDOWN-mediabriefimage-AROI-survey-sample-mediabriefimage-radio-penetration-by-SEC-segments- FM radio reserach ARPOI- MediaBriefimage-time spent increased on all sec segments-FM radio reserach ARPOI- MediaBriefimage-time spent increased on all sec segments-FM radio reserach ARPOI- MediaBriefFM Radio industry leaders’ views

image anurradha prasad president aroi mediabriefAnuradha Prasad, President of the Association of Radio Operators for India (AROI),  said, “It is very encouraging to note that Radio is evolving as one of the most preferred and most credible source of infotainment. We are now almost catching up on TV in terms of audience, the rise of 23 percent in total time spent per person on radio is phenomenal. We are grateful to all our listeners and look forward to help evolve this media into greater heights.”

image anurradha prasad president aroi mediabriefNisha Narayanan, Director & COO, Red FM and Magic FM, said, “Radio has been playing a much bigger role, it has been able to unite the linguistic and ethnic diversity and connect people from all backgrounds with  its  numerous  arrays  of  frequency.

“Radio  offers  last  mile  connectivity  and  the  latest  findings  have proved  once  again  that  it’s  a  powerful  and  trusted  medium  to  deliver  messages  to  the  audience.  We would like to thank all our listeners who have supported us and believed in the power of radio,” Narayanan said.

image-Harshad_Jain-Fever FM -MediaBriefHarshad  Jain,  CEO  –  Radio  and  Entertainment,  HT  Media  Ltd  and  Next  Mediaworks  Ltd.,  said,  “As the COVID-19  pandemic  takes  over  the  world,  the  role  of  entertainment  mediums  become  all  the  more crucial. Radio being a critical medium has the dual responsibility of not only entertaining the listeners, but also ensuring that correct and genuine information reaches the country’s citizens. At a time like this, the power and effectiveness of our medium  increases manifold. People are  now  tuning in to  the  radio  sets more than ever for their daily entertainment needs and also to stay updated with credible information. With the entire country under lockdown, the listenership has shifted to in-home listening. The entire radio industry stands together in these tough times to successfully win the fight against coronavirus.”

image-Prashant-Panday-Radio-Mirchi-ENIL-MediaBriefPrashant Pandey, MD & CEO, ENIL, said, “I’m happy to note that as per the AROI research, radio listenership has grown strongly during the lockdown period.

“This is not surprising considering the amount of very useful information radio is giving on a daily basis. Radio is a strong medium for advertisers to use effectively now and always,”
Panday said.


image-ashit-kukian-radio-city-mediabriefAbraham Thomas_CEO, Reliance Broadcast Network Limited-mediabriefAshit  Kukian,  CEO,  Radio  City,  said,  “Since  its  inception,  radio  has maintained its  widespread reach and due to its ease of accessibility, it  has  turned out to be one of the most accessed mediums. With these latest findings, it yet again proves that radio is one of those mediums which has the power to create awareness on local and national issues. I take this opportunity to thank all the listeners for believing in the power of radio and for letting us prove time and again that radio will be on the forefront of helping the society in issues like the coronavirus outbreak which has turned out to be a global pandemic.”

image-Abraham Thomas_CEO, Reliance Broadcast Network Limited-mediabriefAbraham Thomas, CEO, Big FM, said, “The findings are in line with our expectations as we have been witnessing a sizeable increase in the response and engagement levels to our content since the outbreak of this crises. Radio has led by example during this time and the feeling of knowing that you’re making a difference in the lives of our listeners is truly amazing. The high levels of trust on radio, high in-home listening and high listening on mobile habits have driven this surge in time spent  and  reach.  We  thank  our  listeners  and  will  continue  to  be  there  for  them,  entertaining  and informing them and together we will win this. I truly believe this is Radio’s finest hour.”

* Source: All SEC 18 + UA: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune & Hyderabad.

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