FM Radio popularity continues — is also a golden agers’ companion: RAM/ TAM Adex

FM Radio golden-agers companion: RAM/ TAM Adex


ince the past few months radio listenership and radio advertising has been on the rise, earlier RAM /TAM shared how there has been a phenomenal growth in listenership by youth in 4 metros, and the consequent phenomenal increase in advertisements targeted at Youth.

This trend of continuous growth in listenership continues across  the golden agers as per recent census, growth in radio consumption by the ‘Golden Age’ segment ( 45 years plus) in 4 metros has seen a phenomenal rise which has led to an increase in advertisements targeted at this ‘Decision Maker’ segment.

It may be noted that research by AZ Research PPL in April 2020 for top 6 metros  had indicated that 82 percent of population (22 percent increase)  had tuned in to FM Radio post covid -19 with a significant increase in listening time ( 23 percent increase).

The research also positioned FM Radio as the most credible media amongst Print, TV and Radio. TAM. RAM data suggests that the growth in listenership 9 reach, TSL) is likely to be much more.

The following are the significant increase in Golden Age segment listenership and engagement as per post Covid-19 RAM research.

  • 308 percent growth in TSL(Time spent in listening),Mumbai.
  • 152 percent growth in TSL, Bengaluru.
  • 144 percent growth in Reach, Kolkatta.
  • 42 percent growth in Reach, Delhi.

The TAM Adex data also reflects consequent phenomenal growth in Advertising in certain categories due to above.  The significant increases have been in:


  • Other Milk Products – 353 percent.
  • Medicated Skin Treatment – 263 percent.
  • Fabrics, Garments, Furnish range – 262 percent.
  • Publications/Books – 185 percent.
  • Food Products Range – 164 percent.
  • Loans, Mortgage – 104 percent.

Anurradha Prasad, President of Association of Radio Operators, India,Anurradha Prasad , President of Association of Radio Operators, India,  said, “ It is exhilarating  to note that Radio engagement has grown most in the Golden Age segment, in continuation of growth in all other segments ( Teens, Youth , Men, Women, Sec A etc).

“Golden Age is the Decision Makers segment and the growth in TSL and reach here would have a very long term impact in growth in advertising on radio. The Adex figures suggest that the growth curve is already taking off,” Prasad added.

image-Abraham-Thomas-CEO-Big-FM-MediaBrief-e1596727321380.jpgAbraham Thomas, CEO, BIG FM, said, “The phenomenal growth of radio engagement across segments, particularly the Golden age segment, is heartening and promising. It has reaffirmed radio’s strength as a powerful medium, offering a holistic experience for all age-groups!

“It’s also encouraging to witness the consequent growth in advertising targeted towards the golden age segment with various brands leveraging the impact and reach of radio.

“In the midst of the most uncertain times, the interactive, free-of-cost and localised nature of the medium has surely helped  in bringing people together with a sense of shared belonging and hope. We thank our listeners for their continued support,” Thomas said.

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