Sunil Pathak’s guide ‘First 1000 Days of StartUps’ launched at Topline learnings 


Topline Consulting Group, an insight-driven strategic communications firm, initiated a discussion as a part of their #TopLearnings on “First 1000 Days of Start-Ups”, as a guide to decoding Finance for Entrepreneurs. The topic is from the recent book by Mr. Sunil Pathak.

The e-event, which took place on Friday November 27, 2020, focused on creating adequate financial awareness for facilitating informed decision making. 

The book, ‘First 1000 Days of Start-Ups’ proves to be a long-term knowledge partner in every entrepreneur’s growth trajectory. With small and medium businesses facing budget constraints during initial years, the book offers full-time finance and legal resources to bounce off new ideas, processes and vision. It acts as a financial advisor and creates the right direction resulting in the right action at the right time. 

The initiative by Topline Consulting Group is key to take a closer look at some important factors such as the start-up culture in India, how difficult are few initial years for a start-up, budget and investment constraints for entrepreneurs and decoding Finance and Legal affairs.  

The e-event was a detailed interview with the author of the book Mr. Sunil Pathak covering aspects like generating idea for a start-up, problem faced by entrepreneurs and how to overcome them, financial and legal issues while starting an enterprise and budget constraints and building a dream team for a Start-up.

The interviewee during the session was Mr. Udit Joshi, who is an Integrated Marketing Specialist at Topline Consulting Group. 

Sunil Pathak elaborated on “10% of the success of a business depends on how great your idea is, but the rest of 90% always depends upon the execution-style and operational wisdom” 

Udit Joshi said “We are very excited to have Mr. Sunil Pathak’s launched from our Toplearning’s platform. Our intent is to create avenues of knowledge and wisdom exchange to inspire a knowledge society. The book ‘First 1000 Days of a Startup’ is so contextual to us all and will take the startup founders closer to meeting their goals.” 

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