Firework brings 30 second news on video, revolutionise news consumption for Young India

image-Firework brings 30 second news on video, revolutionise news consumption for Young India MediabriefAccording to the Reuters report of 2019, 88% of the news in India is consumed online with about 68% of it on smartphones. In line with this trend, Silicon Valley-based short video network, Firework, has roped in Faye D’Souza to present 30-second crisp and to the point news from across the country.

Bringing this innovation, Sunil Nair, CEO, Firework India said “Firework’s news segments with Faye D’Souza will be a gamechanger in the short format video category. This format of news is crafted keeping in mind the preferences of younger millennials between the age of 18 and 25, matching their fast-paced lifestyle and their need to consume content on the go in vertical format. Youngsters in this age group prefer quick news rather than extended television debates, and at the same time is concerned and well-informed citizens. This is where Firework’s news format will be disruptive providing the point information without the repetitious and at times frivolous long format broadcast news.

The current generation does not identify with many of the faces that have been on TV channels for a really long time, Faye helps news bridge the gap and talks directly to her audience in a way that they understand the news quickly”.

This will be a first of its kind interactive news that will enable real-time interaction between Faye and her viewers, driving deeper engagement and participation. Initially, Faye will post 4 news segments on weekdays and with a single segment on the weekends. Each segment will be a 30-second clip titled “Facts First with Faye”

Faye D’SouzaAt the announcement of the show, Faye D’Souza said “News today offers anything but the clarity of information. The youth in India are intelligent, opinionated and are looking for a source of news that gives them unbiased information in a short and crisp format that can be consumed “on the go”, ‘Facts First with Faye’ will do just that. Firework is an innovative tech-led platform that will help offer news and entertainment to the youth that prefers to ignore long-drawn and unverified commentary”

Firework launched its video network in India in October 2019 and takes pride in its two-step moderation protocol. While its moderation is largely based on AI algorithms, its content also goes through careful human moderation. This will ensure that any content that is distributed is not only within the legal boundaries of India but also filters content that may be discriminatory towards any section of the democracy.

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