Fever FM, Radio One and Radio Nasha are all broadcasting from home: Harshad Jain

image-Harshad-Jain-CEO-–-Radio-and-Entertainment---HT-Media-Ltd-and-Next-Mediaworks-Ltd-on-MediaBriefDuring the Coronavirus lock down across India, the fraternity of Radio industry has stepped up to the unprecedented level of responsibility demanded of it to keep listeners informed and engaged about keeping safe in the midst of the deadly threat, and keeping them entertained.

We reached out to Harshad Jain – CEO – Radio and Entertainment, HT Media Ltd and Next Mediaworks Ltd., for his perspective on how not one but all three of their brands – Fever FM, Radio One and Radio Nasha – switched into Broadcasting From Home, which has been globally unprecedented for traditional Radio broadcasters, and more

When did you start Broadcasting from home? Which stations and or RJs are BFH

We as a network have ensured that all the RJs of our 3 stations – Fever FM, Radio One and Radio Nasha —  are going on-air from home, to maintain social distancing.

We recently initiated the #RJCurfew campaign to support the PM’s call to the nation with ‘Janta Curfew’.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself tweeted in support and encouragement of the campaign. He tweeted, ‘The initiative shown by Fever FM over Janta Curfew is a big inspiration for others, #RJCurfew will help unite people against corona. #Janta Curfew.’

Fever FM has always been at the forefront in supporting national initiatives. These are testing times for our country and we stand committed in our efforts to make the fight against COVID-19 a resounding success.

The safety of the Nation and our employees is of utmost priority, and we at Fever FM are taking all necessary precautions to maintain social distancing at the workplace. All the shows across all our stations – whether Superwomaniya Stutee, Mad Mornings, Bharat Positive, Dhak Dhak Evenings, Afternoons with Annie, Good Morning Mumbai, etcetera — are being broadcast from home.

#Radio4India is a great initiative and shows how all players stand united with the Nation in the fight against #COVID19. We are committed to serving the people during these testing times: Harshad Jain @FeverFMOfficial… Click To Tweet

How much time and effort did it take to set up broadcasting from home in your RJs’ homes?

While this is the first time that the RJs went on air from their respective homes, the transition process was quite smooth, thanks to the tremendous support from the admin and tech teams. COVID-19 is an unprecedented situation, teaching us to move to an altogether new way of working. Our RJs have adapted well to the work-from-home setup and are ensuring that the listeners continue to get entertained as always.

We know that advertising is now down, if not totally out, but how are ads (even if only PSAs) inserted into shows that are created and broadcast from homes?

Even though the RJs are working from home, the IT team is working on a rotational basis from the office to make sure that the clock is populated properly with PSAs , ads, etcetera.

image-Harshad-Jain-CEO-–-Radio-and-Entertainment---HT-Media-Ltd-and-Next-Mediaworks-Ltd-on-MediaBriefCongratulations on setting this up with the AROI’s help, and also for being part of the Radio4India initiative for genuine news. How does it feel, and how do these initiatives demonstrate the emotional investment your network has in the people who listen to it, who help it grow, and whom it serves?

Radio is an important medium for providing information and entertainment to the citizens of India. Specially in times like these, we are a crucial source, ensuring correct and genuine information reaches to the listener.

Radio4India is a great initiative and goes on to show how all the players in the Industry stand united with the Nation in the fight against COVID-19.

We are committed to serving the people during these testing times.

And here’s what one of FEVER FM’s most popular RJs, Anmol, has to say about broadcasting from home and the Radio4India initiative:

RJ Anmol

image-RJ Anmol of FeverFM on MediaBriefBroadcasting from home has helped me truly realise the importance of special soundproof studios for broadcasting — birds are chirping in the middle of being  on-air; my mom walks in the middle of the show, asking if I want to have milk; maids don’t care… they will mop the floor irrespective of me talking on the mike!

Well, jokes apart, broadcasting from home is a new level of responsibility by Radio as a fraternity. Thanks to latest technology, going On Air is possible from home, which is a huge advantage in a situation like this. Radio as a medium has the deepest penetration across different economic levels of society and so the right information is passed on to our listeners even during these trying times.

Blessed to be an RJ!

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