Times Television Network, Faye DSouza rubbish rumours ‘Faye continues to be associated with Times Network and Mirror Now’


Faye Dsouza, one of India’s most liked and respected presenters on News Television for her dignity, restraint, firmness and a strong PLU (people-like-us) quotient on television, has come out strongly to rubbish the rumour-mongering some trade websites had indulged in when they rushed to publish, without confirming the facts, ‘news’ of her departure from the Times Television Network.

But before we share what Faye has tweeted, let’s look at a statement MediaBrief.com, which refrained from the rumour-mongering,  received from the Times Television Network. It reads, “Regarding ongoing speculation surrounding Faye D’Souza’s disengagement with Mirror Now, this is to clarify that Faye continues to be associated with Times Network and Mirror Now. Having played a pivotal role in establishing a strong position for Mirror Now, Faye moves away from managing daily operations of the brand and will now be responsible for creating and presenting flagship shows on Mirror Now in addition to steering new shows, IPs and ground events for the Network.”

And here is Faye’s Tweet, which read: “I am humbled and deeply touched by all the messages and the support I have received over the last 24 hours.To clarify I will continue to be associated with The Times Network creating and presenting flagship shows and IPS but I will be moving away from day to day management of Mirror Now. I also plan to work on developing new content for the youth of India across platforms in my independent capacity. I thank the management of Times Network for their support in creating a bold voice with Mirror Now. I trust they will continue to support me similarly for programming in the future.”


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