Facebook to pay news publishers to license news stories


Facebook is introducing a news tab featuring the main news stories of the day curated by its employees. As of now most of Facebook news consumption is through links shared on a user’s newsfeed, the new dedicated news tab will involve employees of the social network selecting what they consider to be the main stories of the day from mainstream media outlets.
And in return, publishers will be promised remunerated with money and new readers. Facebook will pay mainstream UK news outlets millions of pounds a year to license their articles, as the social network faces the threat of a government crackdown over its dominance of online advertising.

The Facebook News section will array of  top stories chosen by  employees alongside other stories chosen algorithmically to reflect a user’s interests.

The outlets that have signed up to be launch partners include The Independent, The Daily Mirror, The Guardian, all the UK’s major regional news publishers, and magazines such as The Economist.

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