PODCAST: Sumukhi Suresh – sparkling stand-up comedian!

image-sumukhi-podcastMy guest on The Master’s Voice Podcast on MediaBrief.com this time round is young Sumukhi Suresh – brilliant young stand-up comedian, actor, writer and director too – who is one of the heartwarming success stories from a combination of spontaneous talent, great spoken ability and acting talent, creativity, hard work and pure belief. Little wonder, then, that she is perhaps the youngest of the masters we’ve featured on The Master’s Voice so far.

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We’d caught up with Sumukhi to discuss her latest achievement on Amazon Prime Video – and this one’s a one-hour stand-alone stand-up special called Don’t Tell Amma, which became available and has gained popularity since the 20th of December 2019 on Amazon Prime Video. Sumukhi’s justifiably kicked about Don’t Tell Amma because for a stand-up comedian, obviously, a standalone’s great endorsement. And she’s kept it in the performance-testing, writing and re-tweaking for  a year.

The irrepressible Sumukhi spoke with me of the episode, how she works on her scripts, routines, her managers OML (Only Much Louder), and her other series. She speaks of her gratitude to believers and supporters like OML’s Ajay Nair, the Amazon Prime Video platform, her experiences with international audiences of Stand Up Comedy across multiple international cities including Oslo and Copenhagen, of her favourite — “India’s best” — comedy writer, and her remarkable relationship with her mother. Among many other things.

We’re still breathless after this remarkable conversation the irrepressible Sumukhi, the motto of whose life seems to be the order she barked to herself a few years ago when she left her corporate job: Stand Up and Be Laughed With! 

Corporate’s loss is Comedy’s gain.

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