EXCLUSIVE: Chingari is made for the audiences of ‘Modern Bharat’: Sumit Ghosh of Chingari App


Since the Government of India imposed a ban on TikTok, there has been a tug of war between various short-video creation app to consolidate their position at the top, one such platform has been Chingari, Now with 30 million downloads, India’s homegrown short-video app was launched in 2018 and since then it has been providing users with unique experience for content creation and consumption.

With Chinagari now completing 3 years, MediaBrief.com caught up with Sumit Ghosh, Co-founder and CEO of Chingari App, to know more about its achievements, the recent licensing deals, how it has been onboarding content creators and much more. Read on.

MediaBrief: What was the idea behind the conception of Chingari?

Sumit Ghosh: The idea behind Chingari is to develop an app that is dedicatedly for modern Bharat. We wanted to give India its own short-video creation app that is focused mainly to the Indian users. The app is available in more than 10 languages so that people from every state and household can enjoy using this app.
What was the audience’s response initially when Chingari was launched in 2018? 
We were already receiving a good response when we launched Chingari in 2018. We got about 1 lakh downloads in November, the month it was launched. Since then the users were increasing steadily and till the mid June 2020 the downloads increased to 3.5 millions. Now, we are going strong with more than 30 million downloads.
Post Tiktok ban, Chingari user base expanded, how did the platform handle and integrate the exponential growth in traffic?
There was a sudden spike in the number of downloads and our team constantly worked for 48 hours to handle the traffic. It was surely a testing time for all of us and we are proud that our platform was robust enough to cope up with the increasing users without getting crashed.
The Tiktok ban ushered a lot of companies to explore the short video sharing social space, how has Chingari tried to stay ahead of the competition?
Yes, after Tik Tok ban a lot of companies started exploring the short video sharing space, but it didn’t affect Chingari because it is unique and the features are 100% original. Also we focused more on increasing Chingari’s camera quality and finally achieved it, which I think other apps are lacking at.
What differentiates chingari from other platforms that provide similar services?
Chingari has been built for the Bharat audience. Chingari is used in 10+ languages. The biggest differentiator is the tech. The camera tech & AR filters is something that totally stands out. If you don’t provide good creation tools to your creators. what’s the point?/hence we have made the best tools for the creators.
What is a generic consumer profile of a Chingari app user?
The generic consumer profile of a Chingari app user consists of the details like name, ID, number of followers, following and a short bio. The app is built purely for the entertainment purpose so we have kept the profile section short and crisp. Users can make it attractive and unique using emojis, special characters, etc.
How has your previous experience as an entrepreneur helped you when you were working on Chingari in the development stage?
Experience teaches us a lot. Coming from a product background, I have already made a few products before Chingari, and whatever I learned from my previous experiences really helped me a lot while Chingari is in developing stage, be it keeping patience, coping up with work pressure, technology to use, or analyzing market needs.
User generated content platforms have been plagued with the problem of inappropriate content, what measures have Chingari taken to manage content and keep the platform amicable ?
At Chingari, we are very particular about the content that we cater to our audience. We have a separate content moderation team and a strong algorithm to filter the content. Any inappropriate content is removed immediately. Plus, we also have a report feature where users can report the content and then it will get removed from the feed within 24 hours.
Chingari has recently partnered with content powerhouses ShemarooTv, ALTBalaji, what are its other expansion plans for growth?
We are just moving with the flow. There are already so many things in the pipeline and we will reveal as soon as things will get done. Chingari is open for partnerships and welcoming people who are interested in associating with us.
What are some trends in the short video sharing segment we should look out for in the future?
AR, VR, 4k video streaming, video shopping, 360 degree videos, ASMR content these are some of the trends we can surely look out for in the future.
What are the opportunities for brands to generate subtly mentioned branded content in the UGC format?
Due to the presence of many social media and short video sharing platforms, brands have a great opportunity to generate branded content in UGC format. People create and share posts featuring the brand they like, exposing the products and services to their audience. And brands share UGC in their website, accounts, or marketing channels.
Is there anything else that you would want to add? Something I haven’t asked you?
All I want to say is the Chingari is a homegrown app and is the best Shorf-form video app. We are working on video technology, bringing more features and filters in the AR space to make the journey of every user in our app more interesting, funny, and creative.

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