Indians buying gold the smart way this Dhanteras with ETMONEY Gold Deposit

 image ETMONEY GOLD DEPOSIT STORY MEDIABRIEFThe tradition of buying Gold on Dhanteras, the first day of Diwali, when gold is considered auspicious as it offers good fortunes, eternal wealth, and is symbolic of Goddess Lakshmi, will never wane. And this year, while millions of Indian consumers and jewellers havebeen gearing up to exchange tonnes of gold, smart new-age Indians are looking beyond the traditional way to buy gold in the form of jewellery.
This is because while physical gold offers the opportunity of look and feel of the metal, acquiring it involves unnecessary additional costs, including making charges, annual locker fees, insurance, and not to mention the buyers’ stress while transporting the metal.
Moreover, in the case of jewellery, the resale value varies from jeweller to jeweller and often there is no guarantee of purity for the physical gold you purchase.

This is why smarter ways of accumulating Gold like ETMONEY GoldDeposit are gaining favor among Indian buyers.

Through ETMONEY’s GoldDeposit, buyers no longer have to visit the jeweller during the ongoing festive rush to purchase the metal as they get the flexibility to buy Gold digitally.

Here’s how you can buy Gold with ETMoney Gold Deposit

Step 1: Download the ETMONEY app from Playstore. Open the app and tap on the ‘Gold Deposit’ option.

image ETMONEY GOLD DEPOSIT STORY MEDIABRIEF 1Step 2:  Enter the amount of Gold you want to purchase digitally. You can buy from as low as 2 grams at a time.

image ETMONEY GOLD DEPOSIT STORY MEDIABRIEF 1Step 3: Make the payment to complete the transaction. Once you buy GoldDeposit, a mutual fund company will buy physical gold on your behalf from the market.


That means, with just 5 taps on your phone, anyone can buy 24 Karat pure Gold from as low as 2 gms at a time in a completely secure manner.

Additionally, ETMONEY GoldDeposit takes away the stress of selling the Gold as it offers gold-buyers an option to sell gold easily at the current market price. Not to mention, while buying gold physically, buyers are worried about the hallmark – a sign of the gold’s purity, and trusted digital gold products like ETMONEY GoldDeposit offer 24 Karat gold with 99.5% purity that is absolutely secure and come with no storage costs.

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