PODCAST | ‘Wealth of Health’ – The young lady who got careless with TB! (Ep 3) Indian Medical Association's podcast series

image-IMA Wealth of Health Podcast-Episode 3 - Hindi - Careless About TB!-MediaBriefEpisode 3 of the podcast series, Wealth of Health, which the Indian Medical Association had launched on World TB Day, features a young woman, Mrs Sunita (name changed) in conversation with Dr Agam Vora, MD – Chest & TB.

Through his conversation with Mrs Sunita, Dr Agam Vora brings out her story, which is that of a young woman who contracted the disease immediately after getting married. And first, suffered because of her own lackadaisical attitude and ended up worsening her affliction to a drug-resistant TB, for which she had to undergo two years of treatment.

Listen to her story to know what one should do if, unfortunately, one contracts Tuberculosis. While one doesn’t have to fear much, because TB is fully curable, it does need to be treated diligently, regularly, without missing medication.

Listen to Ep 3 of IMA’s Wealth Of Health podcast here: 

The conversation in this podcast is a lesson to all about the perils of missing or giving up on treatment midway, and, on the other end of the spectrum, of how one can still bounce back from second-stage, drug-resistant TB to full health.

Mrs Sunita today is not only completely healthy, but also the mother of a young child.

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The podcast series by IMA is a truly laudable initiative. The Indian Medical Association  is the only representative voluntary organization of Doctors of Modern Scientific System of Medicine and looks after the interest of doctors as well as the well being of the community at large.

To our mind, the IMA is probably the first representative,  not-for-profit voluntary body that has launched a podcast. For a body that was created way back in 1928, this is definitely an extremely progressive initiative. What’s laudable about the way the Indian Medical Association functions is its progressive outlook and proactive push for newer platforms of content delivery to reach its target audiences.

As Dr R V Asokan Secretary-General of the IMA had said in Episode 1 of the podcast, “Why a podcast, you might well ask. Well, we at the IMA believe we have  a big responsibility, and want to use every medium to reach out to our valuable audiences – both, doctors and other medical professionals, and above all the patients who need proper access to the best of medical facilities and care.”

And so, as a progressive industry body, the Indian Medical Association went ahead and is now perhaps the first industry body in India that has created a podcast series.

And as IMA National President Dr Sen had said in Episode 1 of the IMA’s wealth of Health Podcast Series, “On behalf of the Indian Medical Association, we urge you to not only listen to, but also share our podcast episodes with doctors and other medical health professionals and members of the society.”

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