Eco-friendly Natural Living mattress range from Duroflex

image-duroflex-natural-living-mattresses-range-launched-mediabriefDuroflex, leading sleep solutions brand unveiled their eco-friendly range of mattresses, Natural Living on the occasion of World Environment Day. Built on the principles of sustainable living, this range is made of natural materials like latex foam, coir, and organic cotton fabric and uses carbon-neutral processes in its manufacturing. This fully natural range is first of its kind in the category and has been designed to cater to the rising need for environmentally friendly products that are safe, healthy, and hygienic.


The range is a result of months of research and development at the Duroflex Sleep Lab. The brand identified that there was a growing need among consumers for a natural sleeping surface which was not only supportive and comfortable but also was safe, chemical-free, and upheld values of sustainable living. The range has been crafted using the finest quality natural products to provide an enriching sleep experience


The latex used for this range is sourced from plantations in Kerala, where the journey of Duroflex began about 5 decades ago. Latex foam which is the main component of this range is not only 100% biodegradable but also a highly resilient material that offers great support and comfort. Because of its use of natural materials this range is also highly recommended for people with allergies, respiratory disorders, pregnant women, and those who need extra care.


Smita Murarka, VP, Marketing, Duroflex, “At Duroflex we believe in constant innovations to provide better sleep solutions and contribute in improving the quality of lives of our consumers. Sustainability is a growing need of the hour and this range is a result of the brand’s commitment towards this, towards building a greener tomorrow.

“Natural Living Range not only features a biodegradable natural material but also follows carbon-neutral processes in its manufacturing. With Natural living we aim to give a conscious choice to consumers and cater to eco-friendly sensitivities,” Maurarka said. 


The Natural Living Range has 3 mattresses made from different combinations of natural materials. Each mattress offers different levels of comfort and support based on individual needs. The combination of different natural materials used provides a luxurious and immersive sleep experience.


1.       Kaya – A 100% Latex Mattress,  fully natural, and 100% biodegradable mattress.

2.       Prana- Latex with Pocket Spring, where the best of nature  meets the scientific support of spring

3.       Tatva which combines the goodness two natural materials latex and coir providing firm support.


All mattresses are covered in fabric woven with organic cotton which making is naturally cool, soft to touch, and highly breathable. The fabric of this range also has signature aesthetics inspired by flora enriching the connection with nature. 

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