Duroflex donates 1273 mattresses to quarantined centres across the country


The country is seeing a rise in number of Covid-19 cases across multiple states which have led to more number of patients occupying hospital beds daily. This has led the government to identify a number of properties that are being transformed into satellite hospitals (smaller centres) to treat suspected Covid-19 patients. It has become a priority for all these centres and hospitals to procure the necessary material required to ensure they are fully prepared to fight this pandemic. Duroflex has responded to these urgent requirements and has provided 1273 mattresses to these centres across the country.

Duroflex has donated 300 mattresses to the quarantine centre at Tata Housing Project and 600 to the District Industrial Centre (DIC), Krishnagiri.  The company has also provided 273 mattresses to CMC Vellore, a teaching hospital in Tamil Nadu. Mattresses are an essential commodity for all hospitals and quarantine centers during this time. Duroflex Mattresses aims to ensure that hospitals and centers like CMC Vellore, Tata Housing Project and others across the country are equipped to deal with the current situation.

Speaking on their endeavour, Smita Murarka, Vice President, Duroflex Mattresses said “We are positive that India will overcome the coronavirus predicament together. Duroflex Mattresses is with the country during this difficult time and we will do everything we can to help in the fight against Covid-19.”

Commenting on the Duroflex’s initiative, Dr. J.V. Peter, Director, CMC Vellore says, “It became critical for us to be prepared and procure the necessary materials to fight this pandemic as we had to be prepared in case there is a sudden rise in number of patients with suspected COVID-19 infection. We would like to thank Duroflex for standing by us and fulfilling our need for mattresses in such a short time and showing compassion and care towards those affected by this pandemic”.

In their fight against Covid-19, Duroflex has also partnered with tech start-up, Dozee to offer free health monitor devices to quarantined individuals in Bangalore to help them keep a track of their respiratory health. Dozee is a contact-free health monitor that tracks sleep quality, respiratory health, cardiac health and stress recovery with medical-grade 98.4% accuracy. With this device, Duroflex hopes to help consumers keep track of their health while at home.

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