EXCLUSIVE – Seeking to be a lighthouse in this adversity: Dr Aditi Govitrikar

image-Aditi Gowitrikar's #DrATalks is popular on Instagram - MediaBriefShe’s an active psychologist and motivation-management professional, and the only Indian supermodel with a medical and psychologist degree. Dr Aditi Govitrikar, described by Business Today magazine as a Beauty With Brains, writes exclusively for MediaBrief.com about the ongoing pandemic-enforced lock-down and her extremely popular Dr. A Talks on Instagram Live, plus how the work of some corporates and leaders has truly inspired her. She say that because the aftermath of the current (lock-down) situation is going to be devastating, a wellness program is truly the need of the hour.

The given situation where we are in a lockdown and homebound, and that too not by choice, has increased anxiety, panic, depression and loneliness. At times, one goes into a negative, downward spiral, ruminating, which leads to further slump in one’s affect. The situation can be especially tough for a person living alone, couples in a dysfunctional relationship, children who are mute spectators or have strained relationship with their parents, elderly people with no help, and the list goes on.

image-Dr Aditi Govitrikar - Dr A Talks on Instagram Live - exclusively for MediaBriefWhat one needs to do in this kind of situation is to focus on the things that we have, express gratitude, and focus on positivity. Easier said than done, I know. Increasing awareness of self, through mindful meditation, practicing short distraction on getting overwhelmed, talking to a confidante/ therapist/ friend are some of the practices I recommend when you feel down and out.

There are many more tools and techniques which I teach to attain peace irrespective of the environment.

Why I started Dr A Talks on Instagram Live

I started Dr A Talks on Instagram Live, because I felt the need to connect with other people, learn from them — how they stay positive in this situation, what is it that they are doing in the given time, how are they constructively using time. This helps other people and I believe if I can help even one person, the ripple effect is exponential; I think we will have a better place to live in.

Dr. A talks was my brainchild last year, I’ve been wanting to do this for some time, but haven’t had the opportunity. And right now, because I have time on hand because of shoots and events getting canceled, I decided to put it into action. So every day at 6 pm I have a guest to join me and we discuss varied topics.



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Ranked as one of the Top 5 Leadership Experts in the World, my guest today on #DrATalks is THE Legendary Leadership & Personal Mastery Guru @RobinSharma. He is a globally respected humanitarian, bestselling author, and the founder of a Not for Profit for children called The Robin Sharma Foundation for Children. This pathblazer’s clients include countless Fortune 100 companies, famed billionaires, professional sports superstars, music icons, and members of royalty. With #1 bestsellers books like the ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’, ‘The Greatness Guide’ ‘The Leader Who Had No Title’ & his most recent blockbuster one ‘The 5 AM Club’, Robin’s work has revolutionized and transformed the lives of millions across the globe. His books have sold over 15 million copies in over 75+countries, making him one of the most widely read writers alive today!

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image-Aditi Gowitrikar's #DrATalks is popular on Instagram - MediaBrief-1Dr. A Talks has enjoyed great viewership and the audience reach has been tremendous. Completely took me by surprise, because I didn’t expect such a great response, and many people are now approaching me to feature on Dr.A talks, which gives me a lot of pleasure and joy.

I’ve had people like Malika Arora, Ritesh Deshmukh, Atul Kasbekar, Dabboo Ratnani, Maria Goretti, Shipra Khanna and many other celebrities joining me and discussing interesting topics.

I plan to continue Dr.A Talks even after this situation subsides. I want to interview leaders, entrepreneurs, and founders to know their journey, delve deep into their lives, and learn how they achieved the success, created wealth and brand equity for themselves in India. I plan to upload on YouTube, so that the audience gets inspired or motivated from such leaders.

image- DrATalks - Aditi Gowitrikar -session on Aditya Birla Health Insurance handles - MediaBriefimage- DrATalks - Aditi Gowitrikar -session for Essar - MediaBrief

Aditi has also conducted holistic wellness workshops for employees of various corporates

I am amazed with the work corporates are doing right now. I find Anand Mahindra’s tweets extremely positive and engaging. I have no words to describe Ratan Tata’s contribution. He truly is a man with a golden heart. Godrej, Bajaj, Essar and similar such corporates are also doing extremely good work right now. This shows they care. So be it Tata Steel or Vedanta, these corporates care not only for their employees but for the world at large.

Need of the hour – a wellness program

The need of the hour is a wellness program. With this current situation, the aftermath is going to be devastating. The virus is going to leave behind economic carnage in its wake. An ever-increasing vicious cycle looms over heads — with the buying power of people diminishing, job cuts, pay cuts, we will find many people on the brink of depression, panic attacks,  etc.

‘To be a lighthouse in this adversity is my endeavor’

There is a huge dearth of mental health professionals in India and lack of awareness of need of psychological first aid in such situations.

A workshop for employees to create awareness, gently nudging them to look after themselves, will create value not only for the companies but for the nation. Equipping them with tools and techniques to handle the negativity that arises from such difficult situations will empower and enrich them.

To be a lighthouse in this adversity is my endeavor.

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