Disney Junior celebrates Mother’s Day with Mommy Moments

Disney Junior celebrates Mother's Day with Mommy Momentsa

Joyful. Fulfilling. Overwhelming. Magical! That’s motherhood for you! This Mother’s Day, Disney Junior is celebrating the special relationship between mothers and their little ones across its digital platforms. Appreciating and acknowledging the joys and challenges, which come with being a mother, Disney Junior invited mothers to share some real life stories that have contributed in making their motherhood journey extremely special.  

Known to bring alive the Disney experience through wonderful stories and loveable characters, Disney Junior is a brand that mothers have come to trust for their little ones. And this Mother’s Day, the brand celebrated the beautiful bond shared between her mother and her child through a specially curated campaign – Mommy Moments. These mothers along with their adorable kids, gave a glimpse of a few special moments spent with their pre-schoolers. Moments like a little one role playing a doctor and treating her mother, to the special secret handshake shared between a mother and her toddler along with a daughter pampering her mother when she is tired and a child teaching his mother how to give warm squishy hugs were only few heart-warming instances that the brand showcased across its digital platforms.

In addition to these, mothers also shared some memorable and celebratory stories; describing the beautiful relationship that they share with their little ones; reciting relatable instances that make the challenging journey worthwhile, discovering little joys that the kids have brought to their lives and embracing this one-of-its-kind unconditional love from their children.

“This Mother’s Day, Disney Junior is celebrating the loving relationship a mother shares with her little one. Motherhood is an extremely special feeling – filled with warmth, joy and lots of cherished moments and we wanted to celebrate this journey with them,” said a Disney spokesperson

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