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Even as you read this, there’s yet another great social responsibility initiative  from that wonderful foundation Nanhi Kali, to help it continue to spread the word on, and take positive action for, the cause of educating the girls child in India. This is the Proud Fathers For Daughters (PRRD) initiative which came into being as a result of a conversation Mr Anand Mahindra of the Mahindra Group had with top fashion photographer Atul Kasbekar. That had happened four years ago, and since then,  PFFD has become an annual initiative by project Nanhi Kali that aims to change mindsets and attitude towards the girl child in India by celebrating the special father-daughter-bond.

So, on Saturday and Sunday, the 6th and 7th of October, at Mehboob Studios in Bandra West, Mumbai, in the fifth edition of Proud Fathers For Daughters, Atul Kasbekar and some other celebrity photographers like Colston Julian, Jaideep Oberoi, Prasad Naik, Rohan Shrestha, Tarun Khiwal and Avinash Gowariker, will be busy shooting beautiful portraits of celebrity fathers with their daughters.

image-Anand-Mahindra-at-proud-fathers-for-daughters-Nani-Kali-Mediabrief-1image-Shatrughan-Sinha-And-Sonakshi-proud-fathers-for-daughters-Nani-Kali-Mediabrief-2The way PFFD operates is that it offers a platform for father-daughter pairs to sign up for a photo shoot. Now, getting a great portrait professionally shot in a studio by a top photographer costs a lot, but each father-daughter pair is paying Rs 6000/- only, per portrait, for the unique opportunity. Unique, because all the money collected through this initiative will be utilized for girl child education under the aegis of Nanhi Kali, which, ever since it was created in 1996, has educated more than 3,50,000 girls across India.

Truly a great example of CSR that’s driven by the heart. (continued below)

About Proud Fathers For Daughters 

‘Proud Fathers For Daughters’, an annual charity event by Project Nanhi Kali, was conceptualised five years ago by ace photographer Atul Kasbekar and Chairman of the Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra,  after the Nirbhaya tragedy, with an aim to change attitudes towards girls in India. Even in the 21st century, in our patriarchal society, there are millions of girls who are discriminated against purely because of their gender.

‘Proud Fathers For Daughters’ is a one-of-a-kind event, in which celebrity photographers like Atul Kasbekar, Colston Julian, Jaideep Oberoi, Prasad Naik and others have donated their time and expertise for capturing memorable father-daughter portraits. The nominal registration cost for the photoshoot goes towards supporting the education of underprivileged girls through Project Nanhi Kali.         

 The ‘Proud Fathers For Daughters’ campaign has  provided educational support to over 1200 girls over  the last 4 years. Now in the fifth season, it is poised to give many more fathers a chance to show the world their immeasurable love, admiration and pride for their daughters.

Must-watch throwback from Proud Fathers For Daughters 2017!

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Top FM Radio RJ Hrishikesh Kannan with his little daughter at PFFD

And don’t forget the wonderful fathers and daughters who actually take time out of their busy schedules and then drive all the way to Bandra from wherever in Mumbai they are – not just for the picture to be clicked, but to actually walk up, queue up, and be counted, put their money where most people’s mouths are, to contribute to educating the girl child.

And these fathers are CEOs, MDs, Industry captains, celebrities, and common people like me, too. The point being, if you were to put an opportunity cost to the time that they contribute to the cause, at an average of an hour and a half to two hours, local travel included, for the big shots that must add up to a whopping number. They could well have just written a cheque for the same, but instead, they’re choosing to turn up with the most wonderful gift a father can ever receive, their daughters, to take pictures with them that bespeak their love and fondness for their daughters, and make each portrait a smiling affirmation of the need to educate the girl child. Salute.


image-Anand-Mahindra-with-Nanhih-Kalis-proud-fathers-for-daughters-Nanhi-Kali-MediabriefSo, kudos to the photographers like Atul Kasbekar and his wonderful ilk, to the fathers and daughters who are lining up for portraits to express their support for Nanhi Kali’s laudable objectives, and, of course to the Nanhi Kali foundation itself, its leader Sheetal Mehta, the wonderful Mahindra Rise, and, of course, to that inspiring industry leader Anand Mahindra who, way back, even though as a young leader of the group he must have been very focused on business and financial growth, was also always equally fired up to help uplift society through its most precious element, the young girl child. And who, as far back as in 1996, created the Nanhi Kali foundation to inspire every individual to contribute to the girl child.

image-Sonakshi-Sinha-with-Nanhi-Kalis-at-proud-fathers-for-daughters-Nanhi-Kali-MediabriefMy own daughter Dhanie has badly torn a cartilage in her foot and is laid up, so we are unable to go. But if you are a father blessed with a daughter, this is your opportunity, on the weekend, Sunday included, to find or make time to go there, get your pic clicked with your daughter, and through the Nanhi Kali Foundation, help in the education of many under-privileged little daughters who too deserve the kind of care every daughter must receive.

image-Shatrughan-Sinha-With-Sonakshi-at-proud-fathers-for-daughters-Nanhi-Kali-MediabriefCount yourself amongst proud fathers for daughters? Then don't miss this! 1Go on, get your pics clicked, thereby contributing to Nanhi Kali’s efforts, and proudly share your pics across all your social media platforms. Saying you wish for every daughter the same kind of love and care you give to your own.

And that today, is far more effective than just liking and sharing nice social media posts on the subject. You actually did something about it.

Click here to read more about Nanhi Kali, and watch their heartwarming campaign on educating the girl child.

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