#ConversationStarters: Marketing experts on the importance of Twitter for tech brands


Marketing for technology brands is undergoing exponential change, and brands’ adoption of social media, especially Twitter, has taken the front seat in this journey of driving conversations and impact.

Tech-brands have been at the forefront of providing solutions to keep people connected in the current times of distancing, and enabling organisations to function smoothly despite decentralized workforces.

In the latest episodes of Twitter Marketing India’s live video series #ConversationStarters, Twitter India’s Business Head, Kanika Mittal spoke to Deepali Naair, Director – Marketing, India & South Asia, IBM and Nidhi Hola, Director – Partner Marketing, Microsoft, about how tech brands are conceptualizing digital innovations and leveraging Twitter to stay connected with their customers.

The importance of ‘content’ and ‘context’ in this transforming environment 

In the sixth episode which aired on 31st July, 2020, IBM’s India & South Asia Marketing Director, Deepali Nair opened up on how brands today need to look at creating experiences not just for their clients, but for the entire ecosystem, including their own employees.

image-Deepali-Naair-CMO-IBM-India&SEAsia-MediaBriefDeepali Naair, Director – Marketing, India & South Asia, IBM, said, “Partnership is the right word to describe how the IBM team and Twitter Marketing team work together. Twitter actually delivers our audience to us.  [One of the] ways the partnership comes to foray is the Twitter team sharing the best practices from across the world, which inspires us to think how these can be adapted using innovative formats.”

She highlighted how a recent Ask Me Anything activity #CallForCodeAMA on Twitter that was driven by IBM’s developer team for their Call for Code campaign worked very well for them. The way the activity was designed allowed them to reach out to SMEs and get answers for specific questions – exemplifying great thinking, planning, and teamwork.

Deepali advised all marketers on using Twitter judiciously and smartly. Elaborating on this thought, she said that one must learn what the advantages and limitations of this medium are because not all media are the same, and once that happens, they can design campaigns that will succeed on Twitter.

Speaking about the changes that have emerged within the industry, she emphasized on the shared importance of content and context for brands and marketers, and opined that brands must be authentic, agile and continue to add to the abilities especially in times like the current.

Influencing audience behaviour through impactful synergies with right partners 

Nidhi Hola, Director – Partner Marketing, Microsoft, spoke about changing customer needs, and Microsoft’s approach to adapting to these changes. Nidhi highlighted how Twitter has allowed brands like Microsoft to not just express what they stand for, but also to see what their customers are talking about and adopt a course for brand communication accordingly.

image-Nidhi-Hola-Director-Partner-Marketing-Microsoft-MediaBrief.pngNidhi Hola, Director – Partner Marketing, Microsoft, said, “[Owing to] Twitter’s reach and credibility, you can actually influence behavior. It’s a fantastic platform. From a perspective of best practices, you have to think about the customer first and when you do that you are able to see the journey that the customer is going through when engaging with your brand, [which gives insights into] how it can be further simplified.”

With a larger pool of customers turning to and relying on Microsoft’s  products amid the pandemic, Nidhi explained how a consumer-centric approach was adopted by the brand to customise conversations and effectively respond to Microsoft’s dynamic customer base.

Talking about the maturity of digital transformation in this country, she reiterated Satya Nadella’s sentiment on how India has seen two years of digital transformation manifest within two months.

She explained how organisations are realising that they need a comprehensive solution together, which calls not just for collaboration but also the right communication.

She also stressed on the importance of building meaninguly and honest relationships, upskilling through constant learning and unlearning, as well as collaborating with the right partners.

Both Nidhi and Deepali emphasised the importance of listening to customers and paying attention to their needs.

They echoed each other’s thoughts that Twitter is the place to see and understand the trends that are shaping society, and that these insights, in the aggregate, allow brands to understand the moods and mindsets of the customers.

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