COLORS INFINITY campaign invites you to appreciate your #OtherMother (too)


image-COLORS INFINITY you #OtherMother campaign-MediaBrief
This campaign from COLORS INFINITY has to be one of the best examples of smart, sensitive use of context, and in this case, it’s the worst pandemic disaster in living human memory.

Absolutlely, a mother’s love is like no other. It is irreplaceable and incomparable. And the kind of physical distancing that the bans on travel during the lockdown have enforced, definitely make people go wistful about missing that great friend, their mother.

The thought of their Mom brings back a rush of warmth. While some are lucky enough to be home with their families, others are a little farther away far from theirs during this difficult lockdown.

It’s all about getting wistful missing Mum, remember. And that wistfulness — without the cloying sentimentality which the word ‘wistfulness’ sometimes evokes — is what COLORS INFINITY and its creative team (agency, internal, external, a mix of both? we don’t know who) have used to come up with a lovely campaign idea that helps make this grim situation a little more bearable.

What is it?

Watch the video, first. For a nice little emotional kick in the solar plexus. Through a conversation between a locked-down person and the mother, via chat.

So this is how COLORS INFINITY celebrates Mother’s Day  — by saluting the efforts of all the Other Mothers out there through a very special social media initiative. By doffing a hat at those who make this grim situation bearable, while braving it themselves — the friends, roommates, colleagues and partners who are donning the hats of moms, taking care of the other dear ones.

It’s inviting anyone out there who would like to express their gratitude and show their love, to pay a tribute to ‘your #OtherMother’ – they can send in their story with the hashtag #OtherMother and COLORS INFINITY says it will feature what it describes as ‘the warmest and fuzziest stories’ on its platform.

Your thoughts, please