Chrome DM launches Chrome OTT to fill major industry need for measurement currency

final INPOST image-Chrome DM announces launch of Chrome OTT for OTT measurement in India -Pankaj Saraswat-MediaBriefChrome DM is set to fill a glaring industry need-gap of credible currency for the measurement of usership metrics of the various OTT platforms that have seen a major upswing in sheer number of users, and their time spent on, and engagement with the networks.

In an exclusive interaction with, Pankaj Krishna, Founder & CEO, Chrome Data Analytics & Media, which has enabled and evangelized the measurement and impact of the massive spread of distribution networks and their reach to help both sides of the broadcasting business spectrum, revealed, “I am pleased to share that we have launched Chrome OTT – a state-of-the-art tool measuring viewership across OTT platform and the available content where it is measuring is the Reach, Binge Watch Index, Dayparts-wise SOV, and Share & Sentiment of viewers by Market, Genre, Gender, Age group.”

Word is that two leading OTT platforms have already subscribed to the Chrome OTT measurement service.

Chrome OTT has already released its first list of the top ranked OTT platforms in India.

image-chrome-OTT-most watched ott platforms 20-28 march 2020 india-mediabrief

image-chrome-OTT-most watched shows on ott 20-28 march 2020 india-mediabrief

image-chrome-OTT-most genre 20-28 march 2020 india-mediabrief

Finally, a reliable currency for OTT platforms

Chrome OTT, which will be available to subscribers via app and the internet, would cover and provide information on all detailed aspects of OTT players across 3300 towns and 600,000 villages, translating to 566 Million Internet Users, along with the customized dashboards and analytic. These include:

  • Live viewership of platforms/shows on-the-go
  • Real-time migration of platforms on-the-go
  • Customised Web Dashboard on-the-go
  • Sentiment tracker by platform/show on-the-go
  • Rich & comprehensive client interface for detailed viewership, share, TSV data reports by demographic by genre and by market on-the-go

Chrome OTT: Powered by an industry survey across Chrome’s panel

Chrome DM’s COTT is an industry survey across a subset of Chrome’s panel of 34000 homes, starting off with 10,000 homes on a weekly basis.  These surveys are conducted on base of the following parameters: Demographics, Sociographics, Psychographics.

Chrome OTT will also measure Actor affinity and Social Media sentiments

Krishna added that Chrome OTT “would also measure actor affinity and rate their on-screen presence which would assist content makers to identify the right talent for the right genre or theme of shows.”

He said Chrome OTT “also measures the sentiment poured out on the social media by mapping all leading social media platforms and forums where viewers express their views about the content they watch.”

Speaking on  the background to the launch of Chrome OTT, Krishna said, “In these tough times of the global lockdown, audiences are getting heavily skewed towards digital content, which basically means that OTT content which is currently still not being measured, is gaining in a huge way. Both in terms of reach, i.e. number of people watching online content and accessing different OTT platforms.

“As we move along, we would be investing into growing the sample size multi-folds depending on how this data is utilized and becomes an industry currency.”

‘OTT moving fast’

Krishna observed: “Consumption of linear TV is also increasing globally at this point in time but overall, the share of OTT relative to linear TV is on an upswing. Though the time spent individually both on linear TV and OTT is growing, but in relative terms OTT is moving faster.”

‘Digital Market still evolving’

Krishna said: “The digital on-demand content market is still evolving and the players are experimenting with multiple monetization models, the most popular ones being subscription based and advertisement based model. In India, currently consumer willingness to pay for content is hindered by the rampant content piracy, however, a shift has been observed in the consumer attitude in recent times.  This has been due to the various innovative product and pricing strategies adopted by OTT players.

“With improved networks, better access to internet, multimedia service-capable mobile devices and application development ecosystem, more and more media consumption would happen on digital platforms,” Krishna said.

Content preferences in India

On the content preferences of the Indian consumer, Krishna said, “The Indian consumer prefers both long-form as well as short-form videos online. Within content categories movie, is the most preferred, irrespective of age, gender, and region, and also enjoys a high willingness to pay subscription fees.

“Moreover, fresh video content, especially, recent movies, enjoy a premium over other content,” Krishna concluded.

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